MergeCrafter List of Enchantments – Guide

mergecrafter list of enchantments

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

MergeCrafter List of Enchantments – For MergeCrafter players, here is a list of the tool enchantments available in MergeCrafter and what they do.

Brief Intro 

These are available enchantments for tools in Merge Crafter. I use X for percentage and damage numbers, since these change based on the tool and enchantment level.

MergeCrafter List of Enchantments

These are the following enchantments available in the game. Certain enchantments are locked until your camp is upgraded.

They unlock new spells at storage levels 5, 12 and 19.

Rarity is based on how likely you are to get the enchantment when enchanting the tool. For exact percentages, click the question mark ? next to the in-game enchantment button.


  • Rarity: Uncommon
    • This [tool] has an X% chance to deal X extra damage when it hits only fragile objects. (No other breakables, including grass, within 3 blocks).

Chain Lightning

  • Rarity: Rare


  • Rarity:  Common
    • When the durability is 0, the [tool] has a 100% chance to explode and cause X damage to all fragile objects within 3 grids.


  • Rarity: Rare
    • When this [Tool] destroys the last heart on a breakable, if there are any other breakables within 3 squares, it will begin breaking one of them, gaining 0.15% swing speed until it next rests.


  • Rarity: Very Common
    • Every X times this [Tool] is struck by a hammer while on an anvil, it will release a healing pulse, repairing at least X damage for all tools within 2 squares.


  • Rarity:  Common
    • When this [tool] destroys the last heart on a breakable item, it has an X% chance of repairing itself with at least X durability.


  • Rarity: Very Common
    • When this [Tool] lands a critical hit, there is a X% chance it will gain a protective shield protecting it from all durability loss for X seconds if it doesn’t already have one.
  • Rarity: Uncommon
    • When striking a breakable, this [Tool] has a X% chance of summoning a whirlwind, dealing X damage to all breakables within 2 squares.


Enchantments update when merging two tools with the same enchantment level. For example, an [Iron Ax] with Brutal I combined with another [Iron Ax] with Brutal I produces a [Heavy Iron Ax] with Brutal II. Personally I think Steadfast is the most useful endgame enchant, combining speed and strength potions.


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