Mind Scanners Endings Guide

Mind Scanners Endings

Last Updated on 31 January, 2022

Mind Scanners Endings Guide – A guide to unlock all the endings (x10) – Pro Moonrise, Pro Structure and Game Over Endings

There are x10 endings to unlock, of course the worst is Game Over, the last one, but if you like the game we recommend you try to get them all. In case you don’t have much time, possibly the best ending is For the Greater Good, the second of the Pro Structure Endings. Although the Good Zebra ending is also very good, it is the fourth of the Pro Moonrise endings.

Mind Scanners Endings Guide – Pro Moonrise Endings

All the Pro Moonrise endings (x4) and the requirements to unlock them:

  1. The Agreement Ending: Requires > War then truce between the Constructor and the rebellion
  2. Break the Structure Ending: Requires > Moonrise replaces the Constructor
  3. Backfired Ending: Requires > The Institute explodes, avoid war, but your daughter dies
  4. Good Zebra Ending: Requires > Your daughter disables all the tech on Wall Day, Outzoners enter & takeover the Structure peacefully. Constructor is now sane and everyone lives happily.

Mind Scanners Endings Guide – Pro Structure Endings

All the Pro Structure endings (x5) and the requirements to unlock them:

  1. Architect Of Fortune Ending: Requires > War begun, Moon victory, city destroyed, you with your daughter help gov rebuilding a new society, ( Tips: Ignore the rebels, Constructor is sane, refuse to be a sculptor, save daughter on the last day.)
  2. For The Greater Good Ending: Requires > You invented the device name “Ultimate happiness” on the final day. It can erase one’s sadness. Your daughter dies. The constructor, rebels, all the people inside and outside the city were affected by that device. The gate of the city opens, everyone lives happiliy without personality.
  3. For Normality and the Mind Ending: Requires > Constructor victory, Moon destroyed, Disruptors executed, Outerzoners scattered, you are mind wiped ( Tips: Constructor is sane, erase your daughter)
  4. Not My Daughter Ending: Requires > Moon victory, Constructor & yourself executed, your daughter becomes a Mind Scanner ( Tips: Constructor is sane, become a Sculptor, don’t erase your daughter, don’t persuade the daughter to use the Pulse).
  5. Catastrophe Ending: Requires > The city destroyed, most of humanity killed, the surviving few are completely mind wiped ( Tips: Constructor is sane, become a Sculptor, don’t erase your daughter, persuade her to use the Pulse)

Game Over Endings

All the Game Over endings (x1) and the requirements to unlock them:

  1. Exiled Ending: Requires > Out of cash, get kicked out of the Structure, into the outer zone

If you cannot unlock any of the endings and you have doubts, leave us a comment and we will try to solve them for you.

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