Monster Girl 1000 Quiz Aswers

Monster Girl 1000 Quiz Aswers

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Monster Girl 1000 Quiz Aswers – All the correct answers you need to get the new sword, the best in the whole game

Monster Girl 1000 Quiz Aswers

During the hunter test you can get a maximum of 99 points out of 100 (the one missing point is in the story), as a reward for this you can get a new sword that is better than the ones you can buy at star.

  1. Potion, Ether, Elexir.
  2. Species Documentation.
  3. Remedy or Esuna (both answers are good).
  4. Protecting humanity from monster.
  5. Ghost.
  6. Pixie Dust.
  7. Hunter Association.

Monster Girl 1000 Games Shroom Quiz Aswers

Real World:

  • Square root of 16: 4 or -4.
  • Atmospheric oxygen percentage: 21%.
  • Job to do with maps: Cartographer.
  • Longest word with the top row of QWERTY keyboard: proprietory (I don’t think that’s spelled right, but that’s the answer the game wants).
  • Total of the numbers on a roulette wheel: 666.
  • Flamingo’s coloration: Shrimp.
  • Horse-like animal: Zebra.


  • Mimi EX’s special ability: Two-Fold Funeral.
  • Sybil’s class: Berserker.
  • L’ightning Orchid’s title: Blade of Justice.
  • Her rank: 4.
  • Her sisters: Three (fire, earth, void).
  • How many swords does Juggernaut have: 8.
  • Who invented Machina X robots: ZAP.
  • Francis’ second name: Helz.
  • What type of monster girl is Francesca: Reindeertaur.
  • #1 ranked hunter: Tamamo-no-Mae.
  • Where is the Grand Magus from: the Blood Desert.
  • Slime God’s ability: Duplication and combination.
  • Princess of the Wood Elves: Emilia.

MG1000’s World

  • Three largest continents: Maine, Elysian, Calamity.
  • Quarters of the Elysian continent: South, Central, Blood, Calamity.
  • The main religion of the Elysian continent: Elysian church.
  • What monster girl doesn’t exist: Bunny girls (how does the machine see into Mistral Village to learn training arena Mimi’s special ability, but doesn’t know bunny girls still exist there?)
  • How long are cat girls in heat: 7 days.
  • Which monster girl is the tightest: elves.
  • How many legs does a Sleipnir have: 8.
  • What do they call the event where an asteroid hit the moon: The Great Splintering.

Your travels

  • The first monsters you fought in the game: Manti and Bolbat.
  • Where you first had s*x with Bessie: Elven kingdom.
  • Where you first had s*x with Ray: Magic Weavers.

Game Mechanics

  • Highest damage attack: Ultima Fury.
  • Lowest damage attack: Full Break.
  • Heals the most: Pulse of Life.
  • Strongest damage buff: Bravery + 1 Cheer.
  • Weakest damage buff: Berserk + Cheer.
  • Most expensive item: Elixir.
  • Least expensive item: Remedy.
  • Item that cures confusion: Eye drops.
  • Item that cures Zombie: Holy water.
  • What is a blanco drip weak to: Fire.
  • What does Doom do: Instant death when the status expires.
  • How does Poison work: Power 2 damage, plus 1% of current HP.
  • The only status that works differently for the party compared to enemies: Toxic.

About the game

Welcome to the land of monster girls, where you take on the role of an orphaned warrior residing in a community made up entirely of these unusual beings. As requested by the fertility goddess, your task is to procreate with 1,000 monster girls.

Elf girl Bessie and demon girl Ray will be traveling with you on your trip. Together, you will uncover a fascinating world teeming with peril, excitement, and a ton of monster girls to meet and breed with. Battle formidable opponents, discover undiscovered terrain, and forge lifelong bonds with the distinctive and endearing monster girls as you have sensual adventures with your harem.

There is never a lack of fresh and thrilling experiences to be experienced because to the large and diverse ensemble of people, each of whom has their own special skills and characteristics. As you advance through an engaging plot that is full of turns and turns, you will face new difficulties and create your own harem of monster girls.

The game’s gorgeous visuals, fantastic soundtrack, and interesting gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Fans of explicit role-playing games and graphic novels will love this game.

  • 75+ swoon-worthy women, all with distinctive looks, personalities, and tales
  • 100+ scenes with a variety of sensual situations
  • A fantasy narrative with more than 30 hours of material epic
  • A globe with a variety of interesting places to visit
  • 18-character harem with a pregnancy theme
  • ferocious turn-based battle

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