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Last Updated on 26 January, 2024

Mordheim: City of the Damned might be a decade-old game but its mods have made the title stand out still. The game still has an active player base and players still rush to wage war. Today, we check out two of the most prominent mods of Mordheim: City of the Damned.

Mordheim Monster Magic

The goal of this mod was to keep the game as unmodded as possible while making improvements and addressing bugs. Here are the features from version 1:

  • Frankenstein AI0.2 created by Steiner
  • 12 reserve slots instead of 8
  • Campaign maps are available as random missions. Up to one on any given day. Excludes the Great Library and the location of the active campaign mission if there is one
  • Roaming monsters (daemons and chaos ogre) use masterwork equipment and selected skills. They appear in hard missions too
  • 46 regular units may appear as roaming units
  • Roaming units may spawn on outdoor wyrdstone locations between both wagons
  • Access to the equipment tab during outsider training
  • AI does not mirror player warbands.
  • AI warbands use all unlockable unit types
  • AI units use all customization options
  • Better allocation of attribute points for AI units
  • Ogre, Rat Ogre, Chaos Spawn, and Chaos Ogre may enter buildings.
  • Dramatis personae with its unique weapons unlocks as a free outsider after the final campaign mission
  • Overhead deployment. Bugged in multiplayer. This can only be used against AI
  • Remember skirmish map settings and restore them if possible
  • The Scouting section of the mission select screen displays available AI warbands. This is disabled by default
  • Mission description in mission select screen includes map name
  • Next/previous unit: The order of units has been changed
  • The end mission screen has a 3rd column for looted items
  • Names of good runes use blue color on masterwork items.
  • Items and runes use their respective color in all locations (e.g. 2nd weapon set during missions)
  • Names for body parts in the customization screen
  • Names for color presets in the customization screen
  • Selection (not activation) of end turn displays combat circle
  • Selection (not activation) of overwatch or entrenched displays overwatch range
  • Buff and debuff lists: Identical buffs and debuffs combine into one entry
  • More lines to display hit modifiers
  • More lines to display damage modifiers
  • Leader in the main menu new game screen shouts after a mouse click instead of hovering your mouse.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been addressed:

  • Fake poison gas cloud
  • Item loss in backpack slots unlocked by +strength armor rune
  • Wagon wheels inside the ground on some deployments
  • Add 4 missing strings


The Paranoia mod was introduced in early 2020 and features many changes including balances and improvements to the Mordheim experience. Let’s take a quick look at the base mod and the changes it brought to the main game:


Many of the lesser-used skills have been modified or buffed in either intensity or duration. Some skills were necessary to nerf and have been addressed accordingly. Unit unique starting skills were also adjusted accordingly. And again, some were changed in stat requirements to unlock.


Similar to how skills were addressed in this mod, some spells were adjusted or buffed in terms of duration. For example, the Warlock Dispel has been modified to work as a ranged spell instead of centered on self. The power of heals has been magnified 5x but also turned into single-use as well. Curse resistance has been set at a steady rate and cannot be turned down any lower.

Quality Of Life

You now click to deploy Quality of Life from the overhead map. Large Impressives can now enter through small doors just like the Crypt Horror which is much-needed. No more overhead map tracking of once spotted units bug. Yes, perception has become finally useful thanks to this mod!


AI weapon selection has also been improved. The behavior of AIs has been improved as well.


Demons now show up from Rank 0 and carry the Normal, Brutal, and Deadly buffs that the AI units receive.


  • Mutations have been rebalanced
  • Corresponding qualities have been of mission difficulties
  • Potions were significantly changed to mirror changes to skills and for balance.

The Paranoia mod is still going strong with the release of the version 1.27 patch today.

Keep an eye out on Mejoress for more content on Mordheim: City of the Damned. But before you take your leave, do check out the new season updates of Yi Xian: The Cultivation Card Game.


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