Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Contracts

Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Contracts

Last Updated on 29 May, 2022

Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Contracts – How to Become a Mercenary, Payment Factors, How to End a Mercenary Contract, and some useful tips

How to become a Mercenary?

Ask lords for tasks until they offer you to be the leader of a mercenary troop, and of course you must accept their offer

Mount and Blade Warband Mercenary Contracts – Payment Factors

The amount of your payment depends on your army’s upkeep, your character’s persuasion and renown, heroes of your party above level 4

  • You will receive 75% of your army’s upkeep as a base payment.
  • +3% extra payment per point of Persuasion your character has. (Limit +30%)
  • +1% extra payment for every 20 renown your character has. (Limit +40%)
  • +15 denars per level for each hero in the party above level 4.

So if you want to be a mercenary we recommend you to maximize persuasion and renown, as well as the level of the heroes of your party

How to end a Mercenary Contract?

Every 30 days you will be asked if you want to renew the contract, if you do not renew it, your mercenary contract will automatically end


It is best to sign up as a mercenary for a faction frequently at war and one you don’t plan to join. Take note that you shouldn’t plan to join their enemies later on in the game.

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