Muse Dash Hidden Achievements

Muse Dash Hidden Achievements

Last Updated on 25 November, 2022

Muse Dash Hidden Achievements – Updated guide with the latest achievements incorporated into the game, and with the old ones, we tell you how to unlock all of them

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Muse Dash Hidden Achievements – New

These are all the hidden or secret achievements incorporated after the last update hidden achievement:

  • GENTLEMAN hidden achievement: Hit the mascot character on the ENTER screen more than 10 times in a row
  • Give Up Treatment hidden achievement: Clear a Lv.4 or Lv.4+ stage without collecting red hearts
  • Hands of God hidden achievement: Achieve 100% accuracy in a Lv 6 or Lv.6+ stage
  • Is That OK? hidden achievement: Clear a stage without knocking back enemies
  • Majinku hidden achievement: Achieve grade “S” of Mujinku-Vacuum Track#ADD8E6 on hard or master mode
  • One More Needed hidden achievement: Achieve only 1 “Miss” judgement in a Lv.7 or Lv7+ stage
  • Tutorial hidden achievement: Achieve grade “Silver S” of Heart-Pounding Flight on hard mode
  • THE [email protected] hidden achievement: Get all achievements

Muse Dash Hidden Achievements – Old

These are all the hidden or secret achievements available from the first version of the game hidden achievement:

  • Give Up Treatment secret achievement: Clear a Level 7+ song without collecting Red Hearts
  • Is That Ok? Clear a stage without knocking back enemies
  • Fall Down Again Where You Have Fell Down secret achievement: Fail to clear the same stage 5 times, and then Fail to clear the same stage 10 times
  • Life is Hard secret achievement: Fail to clear a stage totally for 20 times
  • Almost Full Combo secret achievement: Get 1 miss judgement in a Level 7+ song
  • Almost Clear secret achievement: fail to clear a level 7+ song by exhausting at the last note
  • Not One Less secret achievement: Finish all stage achivements in Default Music

Is That Ok? Secret Achievement Guide

In case the achievement Is That Ok? resists you, we leave you this video guide of Slide 2

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