Musicus Walkthrough & Routes

Musicus Walkthrough & Routes

Last Updated on 16 June, 2022

Musicus Walkthrough & Routes -Unlock all the endings and complete the routes: Yako Ozaki, Meguru Kousaka, Bad End, and Hanai Mikazuki

A story-rich visual novel from the creators of Go! Go! Nippon! – MUSICUS! is a crowdfunded success, which tells a story of the struggle to fit society’s mold while living for ourselves. A full-length visual novel, MUSICUS! explores many different walks of life.

As long as you save the game where we indicate you can complete the routes and endings in the order you want

Musicus Walkthrough & Routes – Hanai Mikazuki

All the steps and choices to complete Hanai Mikazuki ending:

  • I think I’ll go to college. That’s what I’ve been trying for, and I need to get into my first-choice school.
  • I’m actually a little jealous.
  • I’m gonna do both.
  • You might be right.
  • Tell Ozaki-san about what happened over summer, including joining a band.
  • I can’t know what the future holds, but that’s a possible path.
  • I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’ll choose my own path through my own values.
  • I still don’t know, but a part of me wants to know exactly what he saw.
  • Save Game (slot 1)
  • I don’t want to bring sorrow. But it’s definitely possible to bet it all on something in life.
  • I haven’t thought of it. I just wanna be up onstage again and figured I need to make a band to do that.
  • If we can have fun playing, that’s plenty for me.
  • Because it’s cool. Is that not reason enough?
  • You’re right. It might be good input for later.
  • No, I think I’m more like you on this one.
  • Save Game (slot 2)
  • I’m basically closer to Mikazuki. I think through music, and performing it, I want to transmit something to people.
  • Well, yea, I’d be happy if a lot of people recognized me as good.
  • Save Game (slot 3)
  • It was fine. Playing live is about playing as you are.
  • We’ll say it’s a song Hanai-san wrote, and announce it at the anniversary of his death.

You just completed the Hanai Mikazuki route, let’s go for the Yako Ozaki route

Musicus Walkthrough & Routes – Yako Ozaki

All the steps and choices to complete Yako Ozaki ending:

Load (slot 1)

  • Whatever form it takes, there’s no way I can gamble on my life.
  • Take his hand.

You just completed the Yako Ozaki route, let’s go for the Meguru Kousaka route

Musicus Walkthrough & Routes – Meguru Kousaka

All the steps and choices to complete Meguru Kousaka ending:

Load (slot 2)

  • I think I’m on Kosaka’s san’s side. Expressiveness aside, I want to enjoy music as music.

You just completed the Meguru Kousaka route, let’s go for the Bad End

Bad End

All the steps and choices to unlock the Bad End:

  • Load (slot 3)
  • No, this wouldn’t cut it. Our live shows had to be perfect every time.
  • We’ll announce it as a new song. But we’re not saying that Hanai-san made it.
  • Think about the band later. You should do this.

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