MW3 Zombies Unlock Crossbow guide

MW3 Zombies Unlock Crossbow

Last Updated on 20 December, 2023

MW3 Zombies Unlock Crossbow guide – We explain how to get one of the most broken weapons in MWZ, there are two methods

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MW3 Zombies Unlock Crossbow guide

At the moment, and unless they update the way to get it, there are only two ways to play with the crossbow:

The Crossbow is a weapon from MW2 Zombies, but if you unlocked it, you can also use it in MW3 Zombies. If you haven’t unlocked it and want to try, it appears in a weapons chest in the Tier 3 area. It is a difficult area, so even if you played the previous version of zombies you may not have it. But if you want to obtain it on your own, the only option is to farm chests from Tier 3.

The only alternative to get the Crossbow is to play with friends who already have the crossbow. Since they can drop it so you can get it

The Crossbow Is it worth it?

Of course, it is one of the most broken weapons in the game. And in case you are still not convinced, we leave you this video guide from jmoney26, where you can see it in action

If you know of any additional methods to get this weapon in MWZ, leave us a comment so we can add it to the guide.

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