My Chara Mansion Cheat Codes – Updated 2024

My Chara Mansion Cheat Codes

Last Updated on 31 March, 2024

My Chara Mansion Cheat Codes – Max Money, Max Relation & Max Frustration with all the girls, and unlock all the gallery or Album

My Chara Mansion Cheat Codes – Full List

There is a new code every month, these are the latest cheat codes from the last few months:

  • March cheat code = Late
  • November cheat code = Battle
  • October cheat code =  Tool
  • September cheat code = Soda

The monthly codes always give the same cheats:

  • A lot of Money = $99,999
  • All girls relationships to 100 (Max Relation)
  • All girls frustration to 100 (Max Frustration)
  • Unlock all the Album or gallery scenes

We do not have the codes prior to September. If you want, you can leave us a comment so we can include them. Although we recommend anyone looking for an older code to update the game to the latest version. With each code you unlock new content, but it also allows access to all previous content

How to use cheats?

You just have to start a new game, or load a previous game, click on the Cheats button, and press the letters of the monthly code.

If you have an older version of the game, we recommend updating to the latest version for which content is available. Since every new month you will be able to access new content, but also all previous content

About My Chara Mansion

In the visual novel/management game My Chara Mansion, you assume the role of a renowned photographer. “Charas” girls live with you in an attempt to increase the number of new subscribers to their OnlyLove page. You are aware that providing modest photos will only help them gain so many followers. Strive to get them to show “more” so that you can advance both the Charas and yourself.

More updated codes guides:

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