My Friendly Neighborhood Puzzles

My Friendly Neighborhood Puzzles

Last Updated on 25 July, 2023

My Friendly Neighborhood Puzzles – All Puzzles – Mask Puzzle, Room 122 Puzzle, Safe Puzzle – Set Storage Puzzle

My Friendly Neighborhood Puzzles – All Puzzles

We leave you this xGarbett video guide in which you can see how to solve all the puzzles in the game

All puzzles in the game in order of appearance in the video:

  • 0:00 Block Puzzle
  • 0:28 Helping Pearl find Glasses
  • 2:25 Clock Puzzle
  • 3:56 Fuse Box Right Puzzle
  • 4:17 Board Game Puzzle
  • 5:52 4 Masks Puzzle (Unlocks Dice Safe)
  • 7:14 Dice Safe Puzzle
  • 9:02 Medallion Locations
  • 9:21 Dog Food Location
  • 10:24 Playground Key Location
  • 10:37 Playground Puzzle
  • 11:10 Jam Solvent Ingredients
  • 11:58 Jam Solvent Puzzle
  • 12:16 Kitchen Puzzle
  • 14:02 Picture Frame Puzzle
  • 14:26 Safe Code
  • 14:40 Fuse Box Left Door Puzzle
  • 15:21 Projector Room Puzzle (Help Goblette)
  • 18:39 Help Ray
  • 20:04 Orb Puzzle (5th Mask Location)
  • 20:30 Five Masks Puzzle (Room 112 Puzzle)

Safe Puzzle – Set Storage

The safe’s code is 7 12 4, which was discovered through viewing the movie “Heist,” which was located in the basement behind a triangle-shaped lockable door close to the fusebox.

There is a poster in the maintenance office by the office elevator corridor that contains the Orb solution. Each symbol does not need to be rotated in a particular way.

Mask Puzzle

With the Set Stage Orb drop, there is a 5 mask gain. The masks must be carried from the dice puzzle and the newly added mask to the lobby on the second floor of the main building.

The conference room’s left-side curtain hides the puzzle’s solution key close to the whiteboard.

  • Answer provided by Everygen
  • Angry mask – Norman
  • Tired mask/Second Red Mask – Junebug
  • Shocked mask- Lenard
  • Sad mask – Lillianna
  • Happy mask – George

This should open the room 122.

Room 122 Puzzle

The player has access to the Room 122 machine problem after finishing the Orb and Hotel Mask puzzles.

With a lever to pull, there are six dials with the numbers 0 to 9 and A to Z.

The room is playing a unique song track in Morse code, and when the red button on the machine is pressed, one of five possible number sequences will appear at random.

  • 0221
  • 1021
  • 0813
  • 0718
  • 0612

These are probably dates related to Friendly Neighbor and its production, such as trailer videos and launch date announcements. like February 21, October 21, August 13, July 18, and June 12

About My Friendly Neighborhood Puzzles

Everyone’s favorite puppet show on Saturday morning has a problem! The Friendly Neighborhood’s colorful group has captivated audiences all around the world for years with their culinary antics and educational journeys. But as time passed and demand decreased, the production studio ran out of money and had to permanently close. Toy sales would decline while balloons for birthdays and cakes would adopt new characters. The formerly well-known names would eventually become more and more specialized fandoms. Years pass before the studio unpredictably comes back to life and begins airing The Friendly Neighborhood. The familiar puppets make a brief appearance on TVs all over the world before performing a surprise encore! However, this isn’t your normal holiday program for families.

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