My Time at Portia Cheats

My Time at Portia Cheats

Last Updated on 28 February, 2023

My Time at Portia Cheats – Resources, Crafting speed, Item max Stack, Multiple Romances, Auto Pet Animals, HP regeneration and more

My Time at Portia does not have cheats per se, but there are several mods with which you can incorporate cheats into the game, we show you the best ones that currently exist. In addition to being purely cheats, the good thing is that they incorporate several functions of other individual mods, so you will practically not need more mods for anything else.

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My Time at Portia Cheats – Just Some Cheats Mod

Although there are more popular mods, if what you want are cheats, this is the one you were looking for. Among other things, it will allow you to:

Using Unity Mod Manager this mod adds a variety of settings to alter the game play:

  • Item Max Stack
  • Unlock Skills
  • Plant Grow Speed
  • Power Production Multiplier
  • Fast Relic Collection
  • Commerce Missions
  • Auto-Pet Animals
  • Farm Production / Poop Multiplier
  • Fish Farming Food Use
  • Dungeon Dig Radius/Intensity Multiplier
  • Fertilizer Use
  • Fishing MiniGame – Reel Speed

Download Just Some Cheats Mod > Here

My Time at Portia Cheats – Your Game Your Settings Mod

Perhaps it has fewer cheats, but it incorporates some functions that are missing in the previous one, such as:

  • Stamina/HP regeneration
  • Scanner detect range
  • Experience gain
  • Crafting speed

Download Your Game Your Settings Mod > Here

Multiple Romances Mod

This mod only covers one of the many facets of the game, but perhaps one of the most popular. If what you want are cheats to eliminate jealousy from the game and be able to marry multiple NPCs at the same time, this is the cheat you were looking for.

This mod changes how romance works in the following ways:

  • Allows you to form new romantic interests when already married to someone else
  • Allows you to get married when already married to someone else (doesn’t affect old marriage)
  • Prevents romance interests (including existing spouses) from getting upset when you get married
  • Prevents romantic interests from getting jealous when they see you interacting intimately with another romantic interest
  • Prevents romantic interests from getting jealous when they see you on a date with another romantic interest
  • Allows you to select any spouse to sleep in a bed in your house, and they will now sleep there at night
  • Allows spouses to kiss you and each other when in range (optional)
  • Makes kissing sound more realistic
  • (Experimental) Allows you to romance and marry normally non-romanceable human adult  NPCs – apparently going on dates with them is still bugged though
  • (Experimental) Allows you to have a child with whoever is your “current” spouse (see below)
  • (Experimental) Allows female same-sex couples to choose to give birth to a child “naturally” (I’m not sure how/if this actually works)

Download Multiple Romances Mod > Here

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