Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse?

Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse

Last Updated on 7 December, 2021

Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse? – Learn everything about horses – Catch Horse, Tame Horse and Ride a Tamed Horse

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Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse – Catch Horse

These are the steps to catch a horse:

  1. Go to crafting recipes (press P) > Go to Subdue soldiers and learn Tamed Horse
  2. Craft x2 Coarse Rein: Inventory > Crafting Queue > Right click on Coarse Rein
  3. Place the coarse rein in an empty slot in the shortcut bar (bottom of the screen) > Press the hotkey (number) to carry it in your hand
  4. Take of your armor (you need to be fast)
  5. Approach a horse from behind, crouch down and go slowly
  6. Press the E key when available, but if the horse runs away, run after him

Tip: It is easier if you use a Coarse Dry Fodder as bait, while eating it will be more vulnerable

Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse – Tame Horse

Best horse taming strategy for hihg level horses:

  1. Place the horse in a room with a hihg door
  2. Try to tame the horse, if it fails, leave the room, wait about two minutes
  3. Try to tame horse again

During the taming phase:

  • Rage bar: it the bar fills up the horse will try to knock you over
    • To fill slowly: don’t press any key
    • To fill quickly: Try to steer the horse
  • Mini game (rage bar = full): Press the right or left mouse button, just as the game tells you
  • Taming points bar: fill the bar to tame the horse

Myth of Empires how to Tame a Horse – Ride a Horse

These are the steps to ride a tamed horse:

  1. Learn the Basic Saddle: Inventory (P) > Subdue Soldiers
  2. Craft a Coarse Light Saddle: Inventory (P) > Crafting Queue
  3. Approach the horse and open the horse’s inventory (press E)
  4. Place the Coarse Light Saddle on the horse’s item bar (right)
  5. Approach the horse and press E

Video Guide

Check this video guide from the youtuber SolutOdka if you still have any doubt about horse taming:

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