Mythic Manor Wren Walkthrough – v0.20

Mythic Manor Wren Walkthrough

Last Updated on 14 August, 2023

Mythic Manor Wren Walkthrough & Guide, where we will provide you all the choices and secrets to level up and unlock all the scenes with Wren

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Wren works in the library, with Nefari, you can find her in the middle of the shelves full of books

Mythic Manor Wren Walkthrough – Level Up

These are all the steps to max Wren, and unlock all the content so far:

  • Requirement: Progress through Kumi story
  • 1st Level: Office Building (Afternoon) > Talk to Aimee > Containtment Tour > Elevator > Containtment Area
  • Max Level v0.20

Mythic Manor Wren Walkthrough – Extra content

  • There is no Extra content so far


All the extra level up actions = scenes

Codes & Cheats

Here you can check all the Cheats & Codes

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