Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide – Abilities Skills & more

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide

Last Updated on 28 November, 2023

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide – Abilities Skills & more. Explore detailed skills and strategies for mastering Naraka Bladepoint’s diverse character roster.

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Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide

Abilities Skills & more. Explore detailed skills and strategies for mastering Naraka Bladepoint’s diverse character roster.

Viper Ning – The Crimson Blade

Known for her solid damage output and excellent self-control. Lacks mobility but serves as a good support character.


  • Yushan Enigma: Allows Qi concentration and release, causing knockback. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Yushan Enigma: Lockdown: Similar to Yushan Enigma, but also silences opponents for 8 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Yushan Enigma: Enfeeble: Reduces enemies’ recovery effects for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.


  • Twilight Crimson: Summons Moonbane’s Eye, stunning nearby enemies for 5 seconds. Rage Limit: 75000. Cooldown: 12 seconds.
  • Twilight Crimson: Seal: A variation with a shorter stun but faster rage recovery. Rage Limit: 75000. Cooldown: 5 seconds.
  • Twilight Crimson: Unchained: Increases damage negation by 40%, interrupting Golden Focus. Rage Limit: 75000. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Temulch – The Balanced Warrior

Temulch stands out as a well-rounded character in Naraka Bladepoint, offering a blend of damage, support, and survivability. Ideal for players who prefer a jack-of-all-trades approach.

Key Attributes:

  • High Damage Output: Effective in offensive strategies.
  • Supportive Abilities: Vital for team-based plays.
  • Average Mobility: Sufficient for maneuvering in various scenarios.
  • Exceptional Survivability: Can withstand aggressive attacks.

Skills Breakdown:

  • Zephyr Wisp: Creates three wind balls for defense against ranged attacks. Duration: 30 seconds; Cooldown: 18 seconds.
  • Zephyr Wisp: Tracking: Wind balls with auto-targeting capabilities. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Zephyr Wisp: Assault: Aggressive wind balls that penetrate opponents. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Zephyr Prison: A defensive zone that hampers enemy ranged attacks and slows opponents. Rage Limit: 75000; Duration: 15 seconds.
  • Zephyr Prison: Enchanted: Allies gain debuff immunity in the zone. Duration: 12 seconds.
  • Zephyr Prison: Summon: Reloads wind balls and provides debuff immunity.

Matari – The Agile Supporter

Matari is renowned for her exceptional mobility and support skills in Naraka Bladepoint, making her a top pick for agile gameplay.

Key Attributes:

  • Superior Mobility: Unmatched in quick movements.
  • Effective Support: Boosts team performance.
  • Solid Damage Output: Reliable in combat scenarios.
  • Above Average Survivability: Skilled in evasion and stealth.

Skills Breakdown:

  • Silent Flutter: Enables a quick dash with an attack boost. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
  • Silent Flutter: Rapid Flash: Double dash capability. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Silent Flutter: Retrace Flash: Marks a spot for return. Cooldown: 22 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Unseen Wings: Grants stealth and resets skill cooldowns. Duration: 16 seconds.
  • Unseen Wings: Assassin: Enhances scale rush damage. Duration: 14 seconds.
  • Unseen Wings: Smite: Allies recover health from damage dealt. Duration: 12 seconds.

Tarka Ji – The Loyal Drunk

Known as ‘The Loyal Drunk’, Tarka Ji excels in damage and mobility, making him a formidable character in Naraka Bladepoint.

Key Attributes:

  • Exceptional Damage: Dominates in offensive plays.
  • High Mobility: Ideal for rapid movement across the battlefield.
  • Adequate Survivability: Capable of withstanding considerable damage.
  • Limited Support: Focuses more on individual combat prowess.

Skills Breakdown:

  • Inner Fire: Defensive mode with a counterattack. Cooldown: 22 seconds.
  • Inner Fire: Bide: Enhanced counter based on defense. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Inner Fire: Gigaflame: Launches a powerful fireball. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Blackout: Increases attack power; burns enemies. Duration: 32 seconds.
  • Blackout: Vulcan: Continual use of Inner Fire in exchange for rage. Duration: 12 seconds.
  • Blackout: Frenzy: Restores rage on attacking; boosts ally attacks. Duration: 25 seconds.

Tsuchimikado Kurumi – The Adorable Protector

Tsuchimikado Kurumi is a beloved support character in Naraka Bladepoint, known for her healing and protective abilities.

Key Attributes:

  • Top-Tier Support: Essential for team sustainability.
  • Good Survival Chances: Can evade and withstand attacks.
  • Adequate Mobility: Sufficient for repositioning in combat.
  • Limited Control: Focuses more on support than manipulation.

Skills Breakdown:

  • Binding Prayer: Links with allies for health restoration. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Binding Prayer: Reinforce: Boosts ally attacks and restores HP. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
  • Binding Prayer: Guard: Grants damage negation and health regen. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Sacred Circle: Cleanses and heals allies in the radius. Duration: 15 seconds.
  • Sacred Circle: Armor Enhance: Restores allies’ armor. Duration: 15 seconds.
  • Sacred Circle: Rapid Healing: Instant health boost; converts extra healing to armor.

Tianhai – The Unstoppable Force

Tianhai is a powerhouse in Naraka Bladepoint, known for his high survival rate and solid damage output.

Key Attributes:

  • Unparalleled Survival Rate: Exceptionally durable in battle.
  • Robust Damage Output: Effective in aggressive tactics.
  • Excellent Control: Masters the battlefield with precision.
  • Limited Mobility: Slightly hindered movement capabilities.

Skills Breakdown:

  • The Divine Bell: Defensive skill that blocks damage and debuffs. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • The Divine Bell: Counter: Adds a counterstrike to the defense. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • The Divine Bell: Blast: Knocks back nearby opponents. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Titan’s Call: Transforms into Vajra form, restoring HP. Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Titan’s Call: Guard: Heals and protects allies in Vajra state. Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Titan’s Call: Heal: Smash enemies to regain HP. Duration: 30 seconds.

Yoto Hime – A Dominant Force in Naraka Bladepoint

Role and Abilities: Yoto Hime excels in delivering high damage to opponents, coupled with her noteworthy survival skills. Her mobility is a key asset, allowing her to navigate the battlefield with ease.

Support Capabilities: Although potent in offense, Yoto Hime’s abilities as a support character are somewhat limited, focusing more on direct combat rather than utility.

Key Skills and Tactics:

  • Spirit Slash: This signature skill allows her to cast a blade that hovers for 20 meters, remaining active for approximately 3.5 seconds. A crucial aspect of this ability is the option for players to teleport to the enemy and deliver an Uppercut slash. This skill has a cooldown of 25 seconds, offering strategic timing opportunities.
  • Spirit Slash Variations:
    • Crush: Enhances the Spirit Slash by casting the blade for a shorter distance of 10 meters but increases the duration to 5 seconds. This variation allows for a powerful horizontal slash, maintaining the same cooldown.
    • Vortex: A tactical variation where the blade moves at a slower speed, hovering for 9 meters and lasting 3.5 seconds. This variation is particularly useful for controlling space and timing in combat.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Ominous Blade: Yoto Hime’s ultimate ability transforms her into a Demon Incarnate, where she can cast a massive blade and launch devastating attacks on her opponents.
  • Enhancements to Ominous Blade:
    • Restore: Grants Yoto Hime immunity from control effects and provides enhanced perception to identify nearby opponents.
    • Combo: Post-activation, this enhancement allows Yoto Hime to execute a series of three powerful slashes, adding to her already formidable offensive capabilities.

Valda Cui – The Sea Dragon’s Might

Identity and Powers: Valda Cui, known as the Sea Dragon, uniquely integrates the elemental power of water into her combat style, overwhelming foes with her control over this aspect.

Combat and Support: Her damage output is significant, and she possesses considerable controlling abilities. While her support skills are not her primary strength, they are still valuable in team scenarios. However, her mobility is slightly reduced compared to other characters.

Core Skills and Strategy:

  • Haze: This primary ability enables Valda Cui to launch water bombs filled with oceanic Qi, effective for a duration of 8 seconds. These bombs also mark opponents with a “Soaked” marker, setting them up for further attacks. The cooldown is relatively short at 15 seconds.
  • Haze Variations:
    • Array: In this form, Valda Cui can cast multiple water bombs over a 20m radius. The bombs last for the same duration but have the added effect of binding hit opponents for 0.5 seconds. The cooldown is slightly longer at 22 seconds.
    • Teleport: Adding to her mobility, this variation allows her to leap back and cast four water bombs that remain active for 4 seconds, each capable of being triggered separately. The cooldown for this skill is 25 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Nether Nightmares: Valda Cui’s ultimate ability showcases her mastery over water. She can cause opponents to be knocked back, summon the Ocean Flow imbued with Oceanic Qi, and even go airborne for strategic positioning.
  • Variants of Nether Nightmares:
    • Smite: This variant maintains the knockback effect and allows Valda Cui to bind attacked opponents with Dragon’s Coil for 9 seconds.
    • Bind: Similar to Smite, this version includes a knockback with Oceanic Qi lasting for 12 seconds. It also features the summoning of multiple water spears, which bind opponents for 1.8 seconds and cause increased damage.

Yueshan – The Overpowered General

Character Insight:

  • Strengths: Renowned for his outstanding survivability and robust damage output.
  • Battlefield Role: Excels as an all-rounder with commendable control and mobility.
  • Supporting Skills: Offers average support capabilities.

Signature Skills:

  • Line Breaker: A dash skill that repels opponents, enhancing Yueshan’s battlefield maneuverability. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Variants of Line Breaker:
    • Rush: Increases dash distance, causing knockback and a brief stun effect. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
    • Ambition: A high jump and ground slam, inflicting a Terror debuff for crowd control. Cooldown: 22 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Troop Decimation: Transforms Yueshan into the Almighty General mode, fully restoring health. Duration: 30 seconds.
  • Variants of Troop Decimation:
    • Heaven’s Descent: Adds a forward leap to the transformation, causing aerial knockback.
    • Formation: Combines health restoration with a devastating bellow, marking foes with the Immovable debuff.

Wuchen – The Ruthless Combatant

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide.

Capabilities: Noted for his supporting abilities and nimble movement on the battlefield.

Survivability: Assured, but with relatively moderate damage and control.

Core Skills:

  • Spirit Blades: Utilizes Qi to manifest spirit blades, offering a tactical edge. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
  • Spirit Blades Variants:
    • Array: Automatically targets incoming foes, diminishing their energy. Cooldown: 22 seconds.
    • Shield: Creates a Qi Barrier, enhancing defense and restoring allies’ armor. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Ultimate Techniques:

  • Tai Chi Rift: Places a Yin Yang orb, providing damage negation and teleportation. Duration: 150 seconds.
  • Variations of Tai Chi Rift:
    • Switch: Enables Wuchen to swap positions with adversaries in the vicinity.
    • Portal: Opens two portals, enhancing the attack power of allies.

Justina Gu – The Winter’s Grace

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide.

Attributes: Exceptional agility and survivability with proficient control skills.

Limitations: Somewhat lacking in supporting abilities and offensive power.


  • Ice Core: Generates an Icy Aura for defense and armor restoration. Cooldown: 28 seconds.
  • Ice Core Variants:
    • Blink: Shortens the duration of Icy Aura with added flexibility in cancellation. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
    • Cold Wave: Extends Icy Aura’s benefits to allies, offering strategic team support. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Ultimate Powers:

  • Artic Wraith: Invokes Icy Qi to repel enemies and incrementally enhance attack power.
  • Artic Wraith Variants:
    • Blizzard: Summons a freezing blizzard, immobilizing adversaries.
    • Frostwind: Projects icy energy to freeze opponents in a targeted area.

Takeda Nobutada – The Demon Vessel

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide.

Strengths: Known for solid damage output and high survivability.

Mobility: Somewhat limited, counterbalanced by respectable control skills.

Skill Arsenal:

  • Mythic Grab: A defensive skill that steals weapons and restores health. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
  • Mythic Grab Variations:
    • Defend: Grabs and attacks opponents, further restoring health and armor. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
    • Takedown: Adds a slam attack for additional damage reduction. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Ultimate Capabilities:

  • Demonic Aid: A knockback effect combined with the Furen transformation for enhanced combat efficiency.
  • Demonic Aid Variants:
    • Teleport: Adds an aerial knockback effect to the transformation.
    • Engulf: Mirrors the base form with added health and armor regeneration benefits.

Ziping Yin – The Ultimate Healer

Role: Specializes in support, with a focus on healing rather than damage.

Mobility and Survivability: Excellent, complementing her role as a healer.

Healing Abilities:

  • Aromatherapy: Deploys Ligneous Energy for health and armor regeneration. Cooldown: 22 seconds.
  • Aromatherapy Variants:
    • Embrace: Provides allies with an Inspiration Shield for added defense. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
    • Protection: Uses Inspiration Shield to guard Ziping and allies. Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Ultimate Healing Techniques:

  • Saving Grace: Uses rage to amplify recovery effects and regenerate HP.
  • Saving Grace Variants:
    • Aegis: Utilizes rage for enhanced armor and HP regeneration.
    • Gauze: Casts a protective zone around Ziping, consuming rage for sustained support.

Feria Shen – The Charismatic Fighter

Key Attributes: Notable for her high damage output and battlefield endurance.

Mobility and Support: Offers significant agility and effective support in combat.

Skill Set:

  • Gunplay: Employs tactical retreats with offensive blasts. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Gunplay Variants:
    • Scattershot: Enhances forward movement with multidirectional shooting. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
    • Aim: Targets specific locations, silencing opponents. Cooldown: 20 seconds.

Ultimate Abilities:

  • Mech Mayhem: Summons a Bronze Mech for versatile combat engagement.
  • Mech Mayhem Variants:
    • Recover: Boosts the mech’s health and energy, aiding in sustained combat.
    • Co-Pilot: Sets a beacon for strategic area control and enhanced ally attacks.

Akos Hu – The Fierce Tiger 

Naraka Bladepoint Characters Full Guide.

Combat Style: Known for his effective damage and agility.

Support Role: Less focused on support, prioritizing offensive strategies.

Primary Skills:

  • Roar: Delivers close-range damage with added damage negation. Cooldown: 25 seconds.
  • Roar Variants:
    • Blast: Creates a shockwave towards a chosen area for area control. Cooldown: 28 seconds.

Ultimate Moves:

  • Feral Frenzy: Employs a roar for knockback and pouncing attacks.
  • Feral Frenzy Variants:
    • Grab: Adds a lunge attack post-ultimate for targeted aggression.

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