Nebulous Public Roadmap Trello Link (2024)

Nebulous Public Roadmap Trello Link

Last Updated on 1 April, 2024

Nebulous Public Roadmap Trello Link – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the WorldUp Studios’s Roblox RPG game

Nebulous Public Roadmap Trello Link – Official Trello

Public Roadmap Trello Link – Nebulous:

Nebulous Public Roadmap Trello Link – Fandom Wiki

The entire public Roadmap of the game is in Trello, in the link that we have left you right at the beginning of this guide. You just have to press and you will access all the content that the Namazu Studios team is working on and that it intends to incorporate in future updates

The Roadmap or Trello is very simple, since all the information is divided into 4 sections:

  • Future Mayor Updates: Perhaps the most attractive or ambitious of the Roadmap, but not the most immediate. We recommend you follow the social networks to get an idea of ​​the deadlines, since the trello only details the content of those future updates, and an order is not even established between the options
  • Post EA Minor Updates: In this section you will find extensions on already existing content, it is not a section on bugs, but on add-ons that after having updated are considered necessary
  • In Progress: Another very interesting section, since it is the current work, and the delivery can be considered quite close.
  • Completed: And finally the section of the content that has already been delivered in past updates. It can come in handy if you are a regular player and suddenly find yourself with certain changes, or if you are new and want to check what the latest additions have been

This is just the Public Roadmap, I’m sure the team has much bigger plans, but what you see here are relatively confirmed and official issues or content.

Although we really like Trello, perhaps the biggest flaw we see is that you can neither comment nor evaluate it. It would be nice if users could vote for their favorite updates or indicate the issues they don’t like

Trello FAQ

For example, this is a varied update that is in progress, which shows the status of what has already been done and what is pending:

  • Rework Socket Size Naming
  • Decals and Stamps on ship hull textures
  • Player Badges on ships
  • Reduce network load for projectiles
  • Update and Re-record Tutorial VO
  • Battle report details
  • Station model for Station Capture game mode
  • Verify all UI sounds
  • Relative Movement Orders
  • Improved DC Board
  • Crew panic probability
  • Credits

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