New Life With My Daughter Luggage Password

New Life With My Daughter Luggage Password

Last Updated on 15 September, 2021

New Life With My Daughter Luggage Password – First we explain how to discover it on your own, and then we give you the solution

It is not that we want to lengthen this article more than necessary, but in case you want some help, but not the complete solution, we begin by giving you clues, and we leave you the solution at the end

We also leave you a link to the full walkthrough

New Life With My Daughter Luggage Password – How to find out?

Right after the pizza you ordered arrives is the first time you can ask Bonnie about her luggage. In that conversation he will not tell you anything, but the third dialogue option “Ask About her birthday” is the key. And in case you didn’t write it down, it’s May 27.

In a short time you will have another option to dialogue about your luggage, because the airline calls you to tell you that it has arrived. Right then you will see that you need 3 digits. And the MC himself tells you that it has to do with his birthday.

There aren’t many possible combinations and it shouldn’t take you long to figure it out. But if you are not interested and you go straight for the solution, go to the spoilers section

Spoiler & Solution = Password or Code

Being three digits, there are only two options, May is 5 and the day is 27, so it could be 527 or 275, and it is the second option, 275 is the password

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