New models of Pokemon Go leaders

New models of Pokemon Go leaders

Last Updated on 9 April, 2023

New models of Pokemon Go leaders – 2022. These are the new models of Spark, Blanche and Candela; meet them here.

Photo: Niantic

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New models of Pokemon Go leaders

These are the new models of Spark, Blanche and Candela; meet them here.

If you’ve reached level 5 in Pokémon GO, you know that two things happen: the game allows you to choose between three teams, and it allows you to battle in gyms. Well, the identities of the leaders of each of these three teams were revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. So far we’ve only seen their silhouettes alongside their team names and colors, but thanks to data provided by Niantic about their rosters, we know that Candela is the leader of the Valor team (in red) and Blanche is the team leader. cluster. Team Wisdom (blue) and Spark are the leaders of Team Instinct (yellow).

We believe that in one of the next updates in Pokemon Go, the trainers Spark, Blanche and Candela can completely change the model, completely changing the mythical trainers that have accompanied us in the game for several years. Do you like the new ones? Leave us a comment if you want to comment. We recommend that this information is not final until it is implemented in the video game.

Source: PokeMiners

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