Northgard Best Clans (2023)

Northgard Best Clans

Last Updated on 17 May, 2023

Northgard Best Clans – The best options and recommended strategies for the best clans in the game

Northgard Best Clans – Goat Clan

The Clan of the Goat specializes in gaining large quantities of resources without expansion, making the most of small territory zones.

Their special relic, Eldhrumnir, increases their ability to survive by granting health regeneration and reducing the cost of feast food.

Utilize the Sheepfolds to increase food output while keeping the winter wood retention benefit that sheep offer.

The Clan of the Goat will survive as the colonies around them crumble.

Northgard Best Clans – Horse Clan

Clan of the Horse, often regarded as the best forging clan in the entire game, can grant important advantages during themed partner bouts or for cooperative objectives.

You can only hire their two warchiefs, Brok and Eitria, as forgers and miners.

Production of iron, stone, and lore will increase significantly if the two large units are used effectively.

Definitely advised for gamers who prefer to keep alone themselves the majority of the time.

To gain the upper hand on your rivals, update your tools as soon as possible and obtain the second relic.

Northgard Best Clans – Snake Clan

One of the most distinctive clans in the game, opting to hide in plain sight over fame and money.

Powerful ranged units known as skirmishers can explore friendly territory without letting any adjacent forces know they are there.

If, for example, there is a Draugr Camp between you and your adversary, you can send skirmishers to raid the opponent clan’s territory without them having time to respond.

You can send your army in to annihilate the survivors if they charge in to fight the Draugr.

The warchief of Clan Snake, Signy, develops strong skills throughout the course of the game, eventually being able to maneuver like skirmishers and scorch territorial tiles to steal resources and lower resource production.

Northgard Best Clans – Squirrel Clan

The primary strategy used by Clan Squirrel to win games is ingredient scavenging.

To fulfill the victory condition and win the game, gather 1000 pieces of meat, fish, vegetables, and mushrooms.

Use meals in the interim to boost military might, production, or the health of damaged units.

This clan is among the most difficult to utilize, but it also has the benefit of surprise. Surprise assaults can provide you a significant edge because they keep your opponents in the dark about your true intentions.

Northgard Best Clans – Boar Clan

Clan of the Boar cares for their environment because they are at one with nature.

It is an early-game clan that has the ability to quickly expand, leaving wildlife in place to defend areas.

Their incapacity to conduct business with other clans is one of their main issues.

They can, however, enlist a giant pig that they can either employ in combat or sacrifice for 200 food.

With this group, a hybrid play style is advised; early expansion is excellent, but you don’t want to overextend your lines.

Northgard Best Clans – Wolf Clan

Clan of the Wolf, a violent clan that I myself favor, is always looking for confrontations and new lands.

With strong offensive capabilities and the capacity to colonize zones on their own, berserkers rank among the finest warchiefs in the game.

If you come upon a wolf den nearby, it’s worthwhile to keep it under control as a secondary source of money. Each time a wolf spawns, it will also drop 60 food and useful military experience!

Due to their aggressive character, defensive players should keep far away from this clan. You’re playing this clan incorrectly if you’re not always attacking.

Northgard Best Clans – Bear Clan

You have probably seen the Bear Clan in PvE adventures; they are a difficult faction to beat.

They can constantly summon their shield maiden and armored bear, keeping them occupied in areas with production boosts.

Until you receive the 500 Fame boost, I’ve found that playing primarily defensively is a decent tactic. Then, keep raiding with your shield maiden to earn that priceless attack bonus.

It shouldn’t be too challenging to conquer the remaining portions of the map once it’s about 10%, plus your military forces will have been upgraded.

Stag Clan

Because to the abundance of starting resources and simple access to fame, it is regarded as the greatest starting clan for new players in Northgord.

Additionally, they get access to one of the game’s best relics, and your warchief will instantly colonize every zone they take over.

However, it does depend on reputation and happiness for optimal competency, teaching players how to manage their colony effectively.

In general, Clan of the Stag is an adaptable clan that emphasizes striking a balance between economy and military strength.

Lynx Clan

Master hunters that engage in decisive ambushes while pursuing and killing animals using their Lynx heroes, archers, and diverse wildlife forms.

Mielikki, their warchief and beastmaster, makes up for having inferior stats to other warchiefs in various ways.

Her capacity to develop Lore in your region and use Lure gives her an entirely unique style compared to other clans.

For this clan, it is essential to send out your Lynxes as quickly as possible because they require their upgrades right away. Their first upgrade, which allows regeneration while they’re in the same area, is crucial for early trophy success.

Best Clan – Kraken Clan

This clan is one of the hardest to utilize because it takes about a dozen games of experience before you can really understand it, but man, is the gameplay experience unmatched anywhere else.

To begin with, using commerce to win the game is not allowed. However, I am aware that a lot of players don’t really aspire for that kind of triumph.

You can uncover all neutral camps thanks to their special understanding, and you’ll also see significant increases in fishing output.

Given the abundance of benefits available, spending Wyrd is one of the trickiest concepts to grasp.

The Valkyrie is one of the first troops you ought to try to get for 600 Wyrd. Utilize it to protect your territory as you extend to additional coastal areas and build more Fisherman Huts.

The next step is to raid villages using the Ancient Spirit ability (1000 Wyrd), as well as to plan ahead for events. You may plan your offensive strategies in advance because you are the first to know what will happen.

In conclusion, Clan of the Kraken will make playing Northgard the most enjoyable and increase your chances of victory.

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