Only Up & Only Down Fortnite Map Codes (December 2023)

Only Up & Only Down Fortnite Map Codes

Last Updated on 30 November, 2023

Only Up & Only Down Map Codes – Best Maps – A selection with the best creative Only Up & Only Down maps, their codes and links

Awesome list of Fortnite maps, check them cause you will be very glad to know this article, trust in us. A perfect selection from hundreds of maps, in Only Up & Only Down maps in fortnite and creative, but If you are not familiar with this type of creative maps then let me inform you, these maps are really simple for example is a platform game where teenager continuously ascends a vast world (or descent), so that will be exactly what we will show you here.

We have created a separate section with the best maps you can find in Fortnite:

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Only Up & Only Down Map Codes – Best Maps

This is our selection of the best Only Up & Only Down game maps in Fortnite, we hope you like them and manage to overcome the challenges

  • Easy Only Up By: Markeli : Map Code > 3332-1518-6947
  • 1 Only Up By: Fortniteferdi : Map Code > 7671-6691-9931
  • 2 Only Up Space Climb! By: Bangbang – 0147-3640-0746
  • Halloween Only Up By: Damelucille : Map Code > 4152-7602-0080
  • Peeper’s Only Up By: Peeper : Map Code > 7970-6779-1319
  • 1 Only Up Tilted Towers By: Bio : Map Code > 0556-8167-1995
  • 2 Only Up – Cars By: Bio : Map Code > 2733-2611-1143
  • 3 Only Up! Lava Rising By: Puzzler : Map Code > 5151-4567-2948
  • 4 Only Up To Earth By: Tonydjytb : Map Code > 0347-4498-2846
  • Gg (Griefers Game) Only Up Version By: Lml: Map Code > 1378-1683-7923
  • Only Up Treetop By: Mackan : Map Code > 0204-3600-9507
  • Princess Castle Only Up By: Theorii : Map Code > 2861-3861-6716
  • 1 Only Down Funworld By: Fortniteferdi: Map Code > 1056-0109-3050
  • 2 Only Down By: Madbando: Map Code > 5561-8097-6527
  • 3 Only Down 2.0 By: Fortniteferdi: Map Code > 1364-4689-4735
  • 4 Only Down 7000m By: Ray-A-Raj: Map Code > 9531-6035-1814
  • Mini Only Down 2 Fortnite By: Naxy: Map Code > 7401-0707-3952
  • Mini Only Down Fortnite By: Naxy: Map Code > 7473-6654-8889
  • 1 Only Down By: Benpen: Map Code > 8550-8303-6115
  • 2 Only Down By: Rohji: Map Code > 1854-3531-7184
  • 3 Only Down Fortnite By: Fortniteferdi: Map Code > 0035-5014-0451

The identification codes of each map have 12 numbers, with two hyphens in the middle, and without spaces, you can search them directly on google or on the official website of Fortnite Maps

If you find another Only Up & Only Down map code before us and you like it, we will be very grateful if you leave us a comment. Also let us know if any of the codes or maps don’t work for you, so we can fix it.

Only Up & Only Down Map Codes – Video Preview

If you want to see what each of the maps really is like, nothing better than a gameplay. In this Formou Creative video guide you will be able to better understand the mechanics of each map and check its scenarios before starting to play. Thanks to Lachlan.


Other Creative Maps Codes

In case you liked this selection of Only Up & Only Down maps, there are many more formats or game modes to choose from. Here are other groups that we have made of the best maps by category

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