Oxygen not included Water guide

Oxygen not included Water
Oxygen not included Water

Last Updated on 27 September, 2022

Welcome to the Oxygen not included Water guide, where we will show you all the methods to obtain it and also the main uses (food, resources, buildings) of one of the most important resources in the game.

Oxygen not included Water – How to obtain?

There are several methods to obtain water, of course we are talking about clean water, suitable for consumption:

  • Filtering: Polluted Water with a Water Sieve, also melting snow, ice, cooling steam…
  • Distillation: heating up polluted water to boiling temperature first, then collecting and cooling down the steam
  • Disalination: you need Salt Water and brine, and you will not only get clean water, but also salt
  • Geysers: Are a natural source of water (the steam condenses into water), and you can find geysers in Caustic biome and also y swamp biome.

Oxygen not included Water – Main Uses

Ice & Steam

  • Freezing Point – Ice:  -0.65 °C
  • Vaporization Point – Steam: 99.35 °C


You need water to produce these foods, most of them are also ingredients for other foods:

  • Mush bar (microbe musher): Mush Fry
  • Liceloaf (microbe musher)
  • Tofu (microbe musher): Spicy Tofu
  • Bristle Berry (Bristle Blossom):Gristle Berry, Berry Sludge, and also Stuffed Berry.
  • Sleet Wheat Grain (Sleet Wheat): Pepper Bread and also Berry Sludge


You need water to produce these resources:

  • Oxygen: Oxyferm (best place), Electrolyzers, and also Algae Terraiums
  • Hydrogen: Electrolyzers
  • Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Skimmer
  • Crude Oil and also Natural Gas: Oil Well
  • Curative tablet: Apothecary
  • Advanced reserach points: Super Computer
  • Morale for duplicants: Water coolers and also Espresso machines
  • Polluted water: Lavatory, Shower, Wash Basin, Sink and also Carbon Skimmer

Buildings & Facilities

These Buildings & Facilities require water:

  • Pitcher Pump: for some buildings
  • Farming: Bristle Blossom, Sleet Wheat and also Oxyferm require water
  • Microbe Musher: you need water for Mush Bar, Liceloaf and also Tofu
  • Electrolyzers: you need water to produce Oxygen and also Hydrogen in the electrolyzers
  • Algae Terrariums: you need water to produce Oxygen in the algae terrariums
  • Super Computer: for advanced research points
  • Water coolers: to increase duplicants morale
  • Espresso machines: to increase duplicants morale
  • Oil Well: for Crude oil and Natural gas
  • Apothecary: for curative tablets
  • Carbon Skimer: for polluted water and also carbon dioxide

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