Paleo Pines Befriend Dinosaurs guide – How to Tame

Paleo Pines Befriend Dinosaurs

Last Updated on 29 September, 2023

Paleo Pines Befriend Dinosaurs guide – How to Tame – All the common steps for all dinos, and what you will need for each specific dino

Paleo Pines Befriend Dinosaurs guide – Steps

These are the steps to tame or befriend with any dino – Favorite Poppin:

  1. Wait until the second day of the game, get the flute and talk to Mari, she will teach you how to tame a Gallimimus
  2. Equip the Flute (from inventory), face the dino and use the flute
  3. Repeat the notes the dino plays in order (Hold colors for longer notes)
  4. Feed the Dino until the needle of the meter reaches the dark green section
  5. Give the dino a Poppin of their preferred flavour (There are 5 flavors, talk to Pippin every day to unlock them all)

Once you manage to tame your first dino, the process is the same for everyone, just change the Poppin

Paleo Pines Befriend Dinosaurs guide – Favorite Treat or Poppin

All the Dinos arranged in alphabetical order with their favorite Poppin, so you don’t waste visits to Pippin

  • Allosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Ankylosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Archaeopteryx – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Baryonyx – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Carnotaurus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Centrosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Ceratosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Coelophysis – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Compsognathus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Corythosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Deinocheirus – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Deinonychus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Desmatosuchus – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Dilophosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Dimetrodon – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Euoplocephalus – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Gallimimus – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Kentrosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Megalosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Microraptors – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Ouranosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Oviraptor – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Pachycephalosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Parasaurolophus – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Pinacosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Postosuchus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Protoceratops – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Psittacosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Scelidosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Stegosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy
  • Styracosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Therizinosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Triceratops – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Troodon – Favorite Poppin: Juicy
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – Favorite Poppin: Fragrant
  • Utahraptor – Favorite Poppin: Crunchy
  • Velociraptor – Favorite Poppin: Spicy
  • Wuerhosaurus – Favorite Poppin: Earthy

About Paleo Pines

Welcome to Paleo Pines, a quaint island renowned for its zany residents, amiable dinosaurs, and intriguing past. Here, evolution followed a different route, producing a world where dinosaurs and people coexist peacefully!

Set off to explore the island’s secrets and find new dinos with your dino friend, Lucky. The island’s inhabitants are curious about you when you arrive and can assist you in your search (but they may also give you additional stuff to do!). Build your comfortable dinosaur refuge with Lucky by creating a prosperous ranch, helping the locals, making friends with gorgeous dinosaurs, and learning about the island’s history.

Join your dino friend Lucky, who you’ve known since she was an egg, on an exciting adventure. Is she the final member of her kind? You and Lucky are responsible for finding the other parasaurolophus’ whereabouts. Discover the lovely island of Paleo Pines, which is home to amiable locals and secret nooks. Make friends, construct a new house, and research the island’s mysterious past. Prepare for an adventure full of delightful discoveries with your trusted steed Lucky!

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