Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 32

Papers Please Walkthrough

Last Updated on 10 September, 2023

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 32 – Main events listed by days, and a full walkthrough with every choice and ending

Check the main events day by day, but take in mind that there are 20 endings, so you should also visit the Endings guide

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 1 to 10

Day 1 – November 23

Inspector’s first day on the job, and also the opening day of the checkpoint

Day 2 – November 24

Border Opens, also a terrorist jumps the wall and kills the guard with a grenade

Day 3 – November 25

Entry tickets are now a requisite, also Jorji Costava shows up

Day 4 – November 26

Entry permits are now a requisite, the import token can be unlocked, also first chance to unlock the Obristan token

Day 5 – November 27

Inspector can detain suspicious entrants, you can arrest the suspected murderer (border) and you can also unlock the Antegria token

Day 6 – November 28

New document when screening immigrant workers, inspector finds out about human trafficking (border), and also a Kolechian bombs the checkpoint and kills 3 guards

Day 7 – November 29

A search scanner to fight smuggling

Day 8 – November 30

Diplomatic visitors new requirements: Passport & Diplomatic Autorization. You will also meet EZIC for the first time

Day 9 – December 1

Inspector makes a deal with a body guard (money per detained people) and also assists a secret agent

Day 10 – December 2

The inspector’s boos visits the checkpoint for a performance review

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 11 to 20

Day 11 – December 3

Jorji Costava gets his papers in order, one EZIC agent arrives at the checkpoint, and also an strange man gives 1,000 credits

Day 12 – December 4

An investigator (ministry of information) shows up, first tasks to unlock Arstotzka tokens, the strange man brings 2,000 credits (if burned the previous day), and also a bomber kills 3 guards at the checkpoint with a bomb

Day 13 – December 5

Stricter document requirements, inspector will lose his savings if accepted stranger man’s gift, also Filipe Hasse shows up giving an Arstotzka Arskickers pennant

Day 14 – December 6

An EZIC agent arrives at the checkpoint (if admited will stop investigations), an entrant gives 2 forged passports, and also now there is a wanted criminals list

Day 15 – December 7

if under investigation, MOI investigator arrests the inspector (ending), also an entrant drops a bomb onto the inspector’s desk

Day 16 – December 8

The tranquilizer gun is unlocked, but now you have to defend the checkpoint with it. You can unlock the Arstotzka token and also a terrorist shows up

Day 17 – December 9

New guard at the checkpoint and also a new agent investigates previous day attack

Day 18 – December 10

Inspector is required to give reasons for every denial, you can also buy a gift for your son’s birthday (tomorrow)

Day 19 – December 11

Imporian trade embargo blocks imports, if you bought a gift for your son you will receive a crayon masterpiece

Day 20 – December 12

Second MOA director review (any decorations in the wall = dock the inspector’s pay), also EZIC wants you to poison enemies

Papers Please Walkthrough – Day 21 to 32

Day 21 – December 13

Republia token events start, there is a motorcyclist attack, and the inspector’s sister is arrested (you can adopt her daughter for 40 credits)

Day 22 – December 14

The inspector meets two acquaintances

Day 23 – December 15

The man in red appears, you can also unlock the Republian token depending on your choices on day 21

Day 24 – December 16

Arstotzka confiscates Altan district passports from their citizens

Day 25 – December 17

You can unlock the Kolechian token and there is also a big choice, because the boss’s girlfriend shows up at the border and you have to decide what to do with her

Day 26 – December 18

Sergiu’s long-lost love arrives, and there is also a terrorist attack

Day 27 – December 19

Arstotzka calls a Kolechian diplomat, also the last day of Sergiu on Grestin Checkpoint

Day 28 – December 20

Sergiu is transferred, arstotzka confiscates all arstotzkan passports, and there is also another terrorist attack

Day 29 – December 21

Vonel visits the inspector, a vengeful father seeks revenge, on Simon Wens, and is the first day you can escape from Arstotzka

Day 30 – December 22

Third MOA director inspection, the inspector’s wife gives him a family photo, and you can also unlock the United federation token

Day 31 – December 23

EZIC attacks the border, trying to blow up the wall

Day 32 – December 24

Day without choices, only endings depending on your previus choices

Papers Please Walkthrough – Video Walkthrough

This is the full walkthrough, made by Snowcone Guy

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