Party Animals Free Skins guide

Party Animals Free Skins

Last Updated on 1 October, 2023

Party Animals Free Skins guide – Codes, Achievements, Levels, and Limited time Skins, all Free, just follow our guide!

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Party Animals Free Skins guide – Codes

You just have to enter these codes to get the skins:

  • Kiko: Code = BEARDBOX
  • Kato: Code = JOSHANDKATO

Party Animals Free Skins guide – Achievements

Complete these specific task:

  • Nemo – Gordon: In Blackhole Lab, win 5 quick matches
  • Macchiato – Lime: In Lollipop Factory, win the game by only submitting little gummies
  • Hachi – Lava Kimono: In Winter is coming, win the game without been frozen
  • Macchiato – Lava Raincoat: I Safely Afloat, win 5 quick matches
  • Uni – Dark Boxer: Party up and win 5 consecutive quick matches with friends
  • Bruce – Lava Hoop: In Buzzball, score all the points on your own for your team  and win
  • Barbie – Lava Banana: In Trebuchet, ride in launched trebuchet 10 times in one game
  • Harry –  Lava Storm: In Broken arrow, survive over 2 min 30 sec in one round
  • Underbite – Ancient Lava: In Beast Soccer, win 5 quick matches
  • Underbite – Ancient Gold: Party up and win 10 quick matches with friends
  • MoonMoon – Blue: In Gator Valley, win the game with teammate without falling off the floating bridge
  • Bacon – Veggie: In Ichiban, freeze yourself from being eliminated by the mist and win the round
  • Carrot – Insane: In Blackholelab, win the round before the 2nd blackhole generates
  • Curtis – Insane: In Beast Hockey, win 5 quick matches
  • Curtis – Lava: In Typhoon, grab missile for at least 1 second for 3 times
  • Underbite – Lava: In Safely Affloat, push the minecraft off the cliff
  • Coco – Lava: In Into the game, score 20 diamonds on your own in one game and win
  • Max – Lava: In Fluffy redemption Throw 10 coal pieces into the firefox without been eliminated
  • Barbie – Lava: In Beat-up bridge, survive over 20 seconds after main rope break up and in the round
  • Yurusa – Lava: In Wind tunnel, win one game without grabbing levers and gates
  • Macchiato – Lava: In Icebreaker, survive with your teammate to the end of the game
  • Hammer – Silver: In Beast Football, long pass and knockout opponent
  • Underbite – Goldtooth: Throw item and knock out 5 opponents as spectator (requires +6 human players at the end)
  • Harry – Golden: Win 5 consecutive matches in quick match
  • Otta – Golden: In Typhoon, win 5 quick matches
  • Carrot – Golden: Win Last stand quick match in exactly 3 rounds
  • Memo – Platinum Knight: Unlock 92 achievements
  • Coco – Dark RJ: Win 20 custom games in different maps (requires +6 human players at the end)
  • Max – Silver Rich: Complete all weekly challenges 3 consecutive weeks
  • Bruce – Silver: Get 10 friends
  • Sparky – Golden: At the moment of taking pictures, be the only one who is not been knocked out
  • Bacon – Golden: Earn a 3-star rating in the tutorial

Party Animals Free Skins guide – Level

You will unlock them when you reach a certain level:

  • Valiente: 3 level
  • Bacon: 10 level
  • Hammer: 18 level
  • Bob: 26 level
  • Harry – Storm: 34 level
  • Underbite – Ancient: 41 level
  • Coco – RJ: 49 level
  • Macchiato – Raincoat: 56 level
  • Otta – Viking: 63 level
  • Lloyd – Canada: 69 level
  • Underbite – Fieldbite: 75 level
  • Otta – Diver: 82 level
  • Barbie – AFL: 88 level
  • Nemo – Space: 94 level
  • Carrot – Knight: 100 level

Limited time Skins

These skins can only be obtained for a limited time, so keep an eye out

  • Carrot – Gold Moon: The Weekly task will appear on 02/10/23
  • Carrot – Moon: Throw mooncake and knock out 3 opponents as spectator
  • Levi – Twitch: Watch party animals streams on twitch with drops enabled within 4 hours
  • Googoo: Issued to al players who played the demo version of the game on october 2020

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