People Playground Best Mods (2024)

People Playground Best Mods

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

People Playground Best Mods – Active Humans, Chemical Warfare, Animated Weapons, Taser, Powers, FNAF, Military Truck, Oil Rig

People Playground Best Mods – Active Humans Mod

Currently, this mod revolves almost entirely around the new addition to the Entities tab, a modification on the standard Human. This Active Human is considerably more self-preserving, and will run from threats to the best of its ability. If you want to Activate human reskins, use the script.

Download the Active Humans Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Chemical Warfare Mod

Adds chemical weaponry! You can change which gas a canister uses in the context menu.

Download the Chemical Warfare Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Animated Weapons Mod

  • RPD
  • Makarov
  • Colt M1911(2 textures)
  • Remington 870
  • Remington 870(Wooden Skin)
  • HK USP-S
  • RPK
  • SVD
  • AWP
  • Thompson
  • HK XM8
  • HK416
  • FN FAL
  • TEC-9
  • AA-12
  • HK MP7
  • Beretta 92(Silver Skin)
  • Beretta 92(Black Skin)
  • Ingram MAC-10
  • FN Five-seveN
  • HK UMP 45
  • Galil
  • StG 44

Download the Animated Weapons Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Taser Mod

Shoots at a short distance. Stuns people.

Download the Taser Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Powers Mod

If you do not have new powers, unsubscribe and subscribe to this mod again
This mod adds 30 new powers

  • Explosion
  • Midas Touch
  • Time Acceleration
  • Electric Shock
  • Human to Android transformation
  • Android to Human transformation
  • “Fire cannon”
  • Freeze power
  • UnFreeze power
  • Super Push
  • Rot
  • Crush
  • Head Explosion
  • Bone Heal
  • Vampire power
  • Heal
  • Pressure
  • Zombie cure
  • Suffocation
  • Pain
  • Detach
  • Acid

Download the Powers Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – FNAF Mod

Everything you can imagine from the FNAF universe is in this mod (Added Markiplier do the mod)

How to activate the springlocks!

  • Put the WHOLE suit on the human (or Purple Guy)
  • Activate the human head inside the suit (or select the whole person and right click > activate)

Download the FNAF Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Military Truck Mod

This mod add a new unique vehicle to the game! Use this vehicle along with a tank or something else in your war scenarios!

Download the Military Truck Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – PPG 3D Mod

This is a mod that turns People Playground into a 3D first person game, note that it is a very experimental mod

  • Left click is to pickup items
  • Right click is to drag objects
  • F is to use objects
  • TAB is to open the spawn menu
  • C is to open the context menu
  • V is to noclip
  • T is to teleport to where the cursor is aiming
  • G is to enable slowmo
  • X is to drop any held items (guns and stuff)
  • Press R while holding the wire pointer to change wire type.
  • Hold Left Shift to sprint

Download the PPG 3D Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – OP Panzer IV Mod

OP Panzer IV: 75mm, 2 MGs & 3 tank crews. Activate

  • middle fuel tank to forward the tank
  • rear fuel tank to reverse the tank

Download the OP Panzer IV Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Oil Rig Mod

A (possibly) military occupied Oil Rig set in the ocean. With barracks and comms; this Oil Rig probably is being held down by an army or something.

Download the Oil Rig Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – Explomod Mod

  • C4 : Explodes after 5 seconds
  • Sticky C4: Explodes after 5 seconds and sticks to things when activated
  • Tank/Artillery/Mortar Shell – Explodes on impact,varying stats
  • Wall Breacher – Yeets walls and anything in its very small radius
  • Blackhole Bomb – Makes a blackhole when activated

Download the Explomod Mod > Here

People Playground Best Mods – SCP Foundation Mod

This mod adds some characters from the SCPF staff, some cosmetics and multiple firearms.

List of items included in this mod:

  • Doctor Bob (notice me senpai)
  • Mobile Task Force Personnel
  • Security Personnel
  • HAZMAT Personnel
  • Medical Personnel
  • Researcher
  • Janitor
  • D-Class Personnel
  • G-17B2
  • G-17B3 [LL]
  • G-17ESG
  • G-17L
  • M4A1
  • Light duty kevlar vest
  • Heavy duty plate carrier
  • Pelvis Protector
  • LvL3 Helmet
  • Ballistic Glasses (You can customise the color!)
  • Class A PPE Suit (HAZMAT Suit)
  • Utility Belt
  • FFP2 Mask

Download the SCP Foundation Mod > Here

Private Military Contractors Mod

Become a ppg operator (dies). There will be more operators soon, like BEAR and USEC from EFT, currently adds:

  • Plate carriers:
    • Assault Plate Carrier
    • BOR-M Plate Carrier
    • Crye AVS Plate Carrier + tan and multicam variant
  • Helmets:
    • Black PASGT Helmet
    • Black MICH2000 Helmet + Night vision variants
    • FAST Helmet + Night vision variants
  • Humans:
    • just look at them ingame
    • man in red flannel

Download the Private Military Contractors Mod > Here

Law Enforcement Base: USA Mod

We started a new project in a big way, a series of packs with the name of Law Enforcement that will contain special police forces from various countries and at the end of a few we will go to the criminal side of the mod, and keep in mind one thing, they will not be released quickly, keep in mind that time equals quality.

Download the Law Enforcement Base: USA Mod > Here

Full Destructible Fort (Vanilla) Mod

Full Destructible Fort

Download the Full Destructible Fort (Vanilla) Mod > Here

OP Supermarine Spitfire Mod

OP Supermarine Spitfire: 7.62mm MG & 20mm


  • J – push down
  • H – pull up
  • U – fire MG
  • Y – fire 20mm
  • M – landing gear
  • N – turn off engine

Download the OP Supermarine Spitfire Mod > Here

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