Pet Anniversary Gift 2023 Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Anniversary Gift 2023 Value Pet Simulator X

Last Updated on 6 October, 2023

Pet Anniversary Gift 2023 Value Pet Simulator X. Explore PSX value determinants and the influence of signatures and enchantments in 2023.

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Pet Anniversary Gift 2023 Value Pet Simulator X

  • 3 Billion Milestone

Pet Anniversary Gift 2023 Value

Firstly, if you’re keen to know the value of the Anniversary Gift 2023 or just curious about how values are determined in the game.

Undoubtedly, PSX value has taken the gaming community by storm. Furthermore, with its vibrant virtual universe and intriguing value determinants, it’s no wonder why players are constantly looking to assess their assets’ worth.

Pet Simulator X Value Calculation

Values within Pet Simulator X are more than just arbitrary numbers. Some factors:

  • Role of Experienced Traders: The experienced traders who possess a high Recent Average Price (RAP). Their knowledge, combined with trading tactics, sets the tone for pet value.
  • Community Feedback & Data Sources: from dedicated players, data from in-game booths, and the overall community.
  • RAP Price: dynamic ways of value measurement, often in diamonds or gems.
  • The Significance of Signed Pets.
  • Price Difference: can be worth 5% to 10% more than its non-signed counterpart.
  • Association with Popular Figures: if your pet is signed by a renowned YouTuber or a developer from BIG Games, it could be worth a lot more. Moreover, the charm of having a pet linked with famous figures in the community can significantly drive its value upwards.
  • Furthermore, regarding the impact of Enchantments, can play more significant role in determining their worth.

Key Enchantments in Pet Simulator X

Enchantments like “Royalty” and “Super Teamwork” are known to boost a pet’s value considerably. Additionally, with new worlds being introduced, pets with enchantments corresponding to the bonus currency of those worlds also experience a value surge.

Value Increments by Rarity in Pet Simulator X

Different rarities of pets benefit differently from enchantments:

  • Titanic Pets:
    • Royalty: +400 billion
    • Super Teamwork: +100 billion
  • Huge Pets:
    • Royalty: +30 billion
    • Super Teamwork: +10 billion
  • Exclusive & Event Pets:
    • Royalty & Super Teamwork: +2 billion each

Distinct Pet Rarities in Pet Simulator X

Categorized Pet’s rarity:

  • (N) Normal
  • (G) Golden
  • (RB) Rainbow
  • (DM) Dark Matter
  • (S) Shiny

Importantly, only pets with actual damage stats can achieve the “Dark Matter” rarity.

Additionally, any pet version has the potential to emerge as a “Shiny,” which is 2.5 times more potent and boasts a unique appearance.

Pet Simulator X FAQs

What is the value of the Anniversary Gift 2023 in Pet Simulator X?

  • Valued at 3 billion.

Furthermore, how much more value does a signed pet have compared to a non-signed one?

  • Typically, 5% to 10% higher.

Which enchantment offers the highest value boost for Titanic Pets?

  • The “Royalty” enchantment adds around 400 billion in value.

How many pet rarities are there in Pet Simulator X?

  • There are five main rarities: Normal, Golden, Rainbow, Dark Matter, and Shiny.

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