Pilgramed Map (2023)

Pilgrammed map

Last Updated on 14 July, 2023

Pilgramed Map – High resolution map along with all points of interest, location of enemies, NPCs, Bosses and others

Pilgramed Map

High resolution map, click to enlarge. In the next section you will find info about info about points of interest, location of enemies, NPCs, Bosses and others

Source: Trello

If you need info about points of interest, location of enemies, NPCs, Bosses and others, check the next section

Pilgramed Map – Points of Interest

Dead Man’s Grotto

  • NPCs: Skeleton O’Myers
  • Location: Literally where you start in the game

The Prairie

  • Sub-Locations: Dead Man’s Grotto, Vermeil Village, The King’s Den, Pogo Path
  • NPCs:
  • Enemies: Thief, Green Slime

Vermeil Village

  • NPCs: Abraska, Lebrony, Lumber Jack, Bailif, The Bank
  • Manager, Joe, Blacksmith, Gerald, Archer, Mela (Occasionally)
  • Enemies: Test Dummy

The Forest of Green

  • Sub-Locations: Bjorn Cave
  • NPCs: Evirone, Theodore, Taurus, Hanpert, Smelty, Pomme, The Duke of Rocks, Hobo
  • Enemies: Ogre, Blue Slime, Hobo

Temple of Foreboding Terror

  • NPCs: Teron
  • Enemies: Mummy, Eye Spy, Viperhead

The Suslands

  • Sub-Locations: Stonesurgeon
  • NPCs: Sailord’s Brother
  • Enemies: Copper Ant, Mercenary, Marauder, Shock Marauder

Mountain Basin

  • NPCs: Skeleton O’Fun
  • Enemies: Boulder

Morning Hollow

  • Sub-Locations: Forgotten Village,
  • Enemies: Treelad, Chalkman

Northern Labyrinth

  • Enemies: Frigid Skeletons, Polar Bears, Spectres

Enchanted Island

  • NPCs: Journal
  • Enemies: Archmage

Patchland Grove

  • NPCs: Isthmus
  • Enemies: Scarecrow (at night)

The Big Iron

  • NPCs: Odd Sculpture
  • Enemies: See ‘Big Iron’ page

Pale Island

  • NPCs: Simon

The Backdoor

  • NPCs: Mega Death

Estascosas Isle

  • Enemies: The Patris

The Eggroost

  • Enemies: Eggie, Hardboiled Eggie, Daedalus Drone

Eggroost Observatory

  • NPCs: Marometro, Billy, Talvern
  • Enemies: Test Dummy

Blackened Cove

  • Enemies: The Skeleton, Blackened Skeleton


  • Sub-Locations: Desert of Tremulous Dreams (After beating Old Fart)
  • Enemies: Old Fart

Desert of Tremulous Dreams

  • NPCs: Jerry

Northern Labyrinth Maze Path Map

Surely you also need help with the maze, here is the solution

Source: Trello

About Roblox Pilgrammed

Pilgrammed is an open-world RPG game. You can craft guns and armor. Clothing by Blotnik Phexonia Studios 2023

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