Pokémon and Pikachu in Infinite Craft Full Guide

Pokémon and Pikachu in Infinite Craft Full Guide

Last Updated on 25 February, 2024

Pokémon and Pikachu in Infinite Craft Full Guide. Learn to create Pokémon, Pikachu, Mega Pokémon, and more in Infinite Craft with these simple recipes.

Pokémon and Pikachu in Infinite Craft Full Guide

Infinite Craft opens up a world of creation where you can craft your favorite Pokemon characters, including Pikachu, Mega Pokemon, and the iconic Gen 1 starters. Here’s a guide to making these beloved creatures and their necessary components:

Creating Pokemon in Infinite Craft

  • Pokemon Recipe: Combine either Nintendo + Dragon Egg or Japan + Dragon Egg.

Ingredients for Crafting

  • Nintendo:
    • Mud: Steam + Earth
    • Brick: Mud + Fire
    • Adobe: Brick + Mud
    • Steam Boat: Steam Engine + Water
    • Adobe Flash: Steam Boat + Adobe
    • Game: Adobe Flash + Steam
    • Japan: Island + Asia
    • Nintendo: Japan + Game
  • Dragon Egg:
    • Shark: Fish + Fish
    • Whale: Shark + Shark
    • Dragon: Whale + Fire
    • Dragon Egg: Dragon + Dragon

Creating Specific Pokemon Characters

  • Pikachu: Nintendo + Game = Mario; Mario + Pokemon = Pikachu
  • Mega Pokemon: Godzilla + Samurai = Kaiju; Kaiju + Pokemon = Mega Kaiju; Mega Kaiju + Pokemon = Mega Pokemon
  • Pikachu Egg: Pokemon + Pixel Art = Pixelmon; Pixelmon + Pixelmon = Pixelmon Egg; Pikachu + Pixelmon = Pikachu Egg
  • Gen 1 Starters:
    • Bulbasaur: Plant + Pokemon
    • Squirtle: Water + Pokemon
    • Charizard: Fire + Pokemon

This guide enables you to bring your favorite Pokemon to life in Infinite Craft, expanding your gameplay experience with a touch of monster-catching fun.

About Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is a groundbreaking game that revolutionizes the sandbox genre, offering players unparalleled freedom to create and explore. With its vast, open-world environment, the game invites you to unleash your imagination, combining elements in novel ways to craft everything from everyday objects to iconic characters from popular culture. Whether you’re conjuring up mythical creatures like Pokémon, constructing elaborate structures, or experimenting with physics, Infinite Craft provides the tools and freedom to bring your most ambitious ideas to life. Its intuitive crafting system and expansive universe make it a standout title, appealing to creative minds and gamers looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in a virtual world.

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