Pokemon GO Safari Zone at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Pokemon GO Safari Zone at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Last Updated on 27 October, 2022

Pokemon GO Safari Zone at Gardens by the Bay Singapore. All the necessary information for the Safari Zone in Singapore.

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Pokemon GO Safari Zone at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Amazing news! Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Singapore will take place at Gardens by the Bay from Friday, November 18, 2022 to Sunday, November 20, 2022 (paid tickets on sale). Visitors to the event will have the opportunity to take photos, receive gifts and much more. I feel all the power of Pokemon and the wonders of the Pokemon world in Gardens by the Bay and in the city of Singapore!

In addition to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone celebration, the city of Singapore will also host Pokémon Air Adventures. Anyone with a Pokémon GO Safari Zone ticket can access Pokémon Air Adventures playable content, but not all Trainers need a ticket to use some of these features. The Pokémon Air Adventures event will take place anywhere in the city from November 18, 2022 to November 20, 2022. Those with tickets to the Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Singapore will meet themed Pokémon like flying Pikachu and Lapras. in Pokemon Air Adventures. You may even find some Maractus that are normally only found in certain parts of the world. And… the party doesn’t end here! For the first time in Pokémon GO, ticket holders will be able to encounter a Shiny Purrloin (if they’re lucky).

General access tickets will be sold for $17 (+ tax) and will allow you to play in the Gardens by the Bay area from 12:00 p.m. m. to 6:00 p.m. m., local time, on the day you choose. Those who want to start their adventure a little earlier, at 10am. m., you can buy early access tickets for S$25 (+ tax). Important to note: Access is required to enjoy event playback. This content can only be enjoyed in designated areas in Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.

Pokémon GO Safari Zone: Singapore

  • Ticketed trainers and trainers in the Event Hall will be able to enjoy the following facilities on the date and time specified on the event ticket.
  • 4 additional special exchanges during the event, no more than five per day.
  • Transactions made during the event will require a 50% Stardust discount.
  • Short special scouting stories just for this event.
  • Field Researches with the theme of the activity in which you can find Pikachu with a Safari hat.
  • Incense activated during the event (except daily quest incense) will last for 8 hours.
  • Lure modules activated during the event will work for 4 hours.
  • Partner Pokémon will have a better chance of finding souvenirs, such as exclusive paper airplane souvenirs.


  • Pikachu wearing a purple T-shirt (Flower)
  • Pikachu with multicolored balloons
  • Flying Pikachu with purple balloons
  • Alolan Meowth
  • Slowpoke
  • Shellder
  • Lickitung
  • Lapras
  • Togetic
  • Aipom
  • Unown S
  • Unown I
  • Unown N
  • Gligar
  • Corsola
  • Mudkip
  • Slakoth
  • Cherubi
  • Drifloon
  • Purrloin
  • Munna
  • Maractus
  • Skrelp
  • Fomantis


Pokémon Air Adventures

From November 18, 2022 to November 20, 2022 (GMT+8), the following features will be available to all Trainers in Singapore.

  • Mega-Latias and Mega-Latios appear in Mega Raid.
  • Team GO Rocket will appear in balloons more often.
  • Pokémon Air Adventures stickers will be available.
  • The confetti will fall on the map.


  • Pikachu wearing a purple T-shirt (Flower)
  • Flying Pikachu with purple balloons
  • Lapras

Source: Pokemon Go

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