Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Nature for Annihilape – Counter & more

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Nature for Annihilape Counter & more

Last Updated on 26 November, 2022

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Nature for Annihilape – Game by Nintendo – Best Nature for Annihilape, Counter & more info, all info that you need to know.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Best Nature for Annihilape 

Making sure that your Pokemon are as powerful as they can be is important while assembling a team.

You need to give your battlers the right nature in order to get the most out of them.

This guide contains the details you need to know about the ideal nature for Annihilape in the game.

Best Annihilape

Choose: Adamant or Jolly is the best nature for Annihilape in Pokemon.


Adamant: Given that Annihilape has a high Physical Attack and a low Special Attack, Adamant is perhaps the best choice. It is useless to have this stat because it is doubtful that you would use any Special Attack moves. Annihilape’s Base Stats:

  • HP > 110
  • Attack > 115
  • Defense > 80
  • Sp. Atk > 50
  • Sp. Def > 90
  • Speed > 90


Contrarily, Jolly: will boost your Speed, which is a relatively high attribute on Annihilape. In either scenario, you should choose the nature that will reduce Special Attack because that ability will be largely ineffective while you are using this Pokemon.

You may also run Impish or Careful, which will take away Attack and boost your Annihilape’s defenses, if you want to play it safe.

Here is a list of each nature’s abilities in case you’re interested

  • Adamant > Increase ATTACK & reduces SPECIAL ATTACK
  • Bashful > Neutral
  • Bold > Increase DEFENSE & reduces ATTACK
  • Brave > Increase ATTACK & reduces SPEED
  • Calm > Increase SPECIAL DEFENSE & reduces ATTACK
  • Careful > Increase SPECIAL DEFENSE & reduces SPECIAL ATTACK
  • Docile > Neutral
  • Gentle > Increase SPECIAL DEFENSE & reduces DEFENSE
  • Hardy > Neutral
  • Hasty > Increase SPEED & reduces DEFENSE
  • Impish > Increase DEFENSE & reduces SPECIAL ATTACK
  • Lax > Increase DEFENSE & reduces SPECIAL DEFENSE
  • Lonely > Increase ATTACK & reduces DEFENSE
  • Mild > Increase SPECIAL ATTACK & reduces DEFENSE
  • Modest > Increase SPECIAL ATTACK & reduces ATTACK
  • Naive > Increase SPEED & reduces SPECIAL DEFENSE
  • Naughty > Increase ATTACK & reduces SPECIAL DEFENSE
  • Quiet > Increase SPECIAL ATTACK & reduces SPEED
  • Quirky > Neutral
  • Rash > Increase SPECIAL ATTACK & reduces SPECIAL DEFENSE
  • Relaxed > Increase DEFENSE & reduces SPEED
  • Sassy > Increase SPECIAL DEFENSE & reduces SPEED
  • Serious > Neutral
  • Timid > Increase SPEED & reduces ATTACK

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