Haze Piece Map & Leveling Guide (2023)

Project New World Map & Leveling Guide

Last Updated on 22 September, 2023

Haze Piece Map & Leveling Guide – The map, recommended levels per island, Skill Trainer and Weapons Locations to level up faster

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Haze Piece Map & Leveling Guide – Map

High resolution map of all the islands together with the levels we recommend to access them. Below we also leave you information about the Skill Trainers and their locations


Haze Piece Map & Leveling Guide – Leveling Guide

We explain what are the recommended levels to farm and level up on each island. Of course you can continue farming once you reach the level that we recommend, you will progress more slowly but you will arrive more prepared for the next island

  • Starter Island: Level 1 to Level 40
  • Clown Island: Level 40 to Level 90
  • Shark Park: Level 90 to Level 160
  • Desert Ruins: Level 160 to Level 250
  • Sea Restaurant: Level 250 to Level 350
  • Logue City: Level 350 to Level 450
  • Tall Woods: Level 450 to Level 600
  • Marine Base Town: Level 600 to Level 700
  • Three Islands: Level 700 to Level 800
  • Marine HQ: Level 800 to Level 950
  • Current Max Level = 950

Skill Trainers Locations

Although Skill Training is not exactly related to leveling up, it is important to know from what levels you can access the island where the trainer is located. Skills tend to make farming easier, so it’s important to take advantage of them as soon as you can.

  • Flash Step Skill Trainer: The power to use bursts of speed to move faster than the eye can track, making it seem as if one has teleported.
    • Level 1: Clown Town – Level 40
    • Level 2: The Three Islands – Level 700
  • Sky Walk Skill Trainer: As the name suggests it allows you to “walk through the sky”, well it actually allows you to do jumps on top of your jumps to get higher depending on the level you have
    • Level 0, Level 1, Level 2 : inside Tall Pillars near starter island
  • Buso Haki Skill Trainer: gives the ability to damage Logia fruit users
    • Level 1: Logue City-Level 350
    • Level 2: Further evolution has not beean released yet
  • Observation Haki Skill Trainer: Gives the ability to dodge attacks making it seem as if one has teleported.
    • Level 1: Marine Base spawn – Level 700
    • Level 2: Further evolution has not beean released yet

Weapons Locations

Weapons will also help you level up faster, so here’s how and when to get them

  • Katana: Buy it from the sword shop at Starter Island
  • Shark Blade: 5% Boss Drop from Shark Boss at Shark Park – Level 90
  • 2 Sword Style: Sold by Mr White for $100k, in Logue City – Level 350
    • 2 Sword Style v2: Obtain a book from Dual Swordsman Superboss (10%.) and give it back to Mr White
  • Pipe: Obtained from Soba in Marine Base Town – Level 600
  • You – Dark Blade: Is the strongest sword in game, only obtainable via gamepass
  • Mace: 15% Drop from Maze Boss

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