PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Solution to Fix It

PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself

Last Updated on 11 March, 2022

PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Solution to Fix It – All the causes and how to solve this inexplicable problem on your PlayStation 5

One of the most common problems among those who have a PS5 is that it inexplicably turns off and even turns on by itself. Although the good news is that it is very easy to solve

PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Cause

It all revolves around the PS5’s HDMI Device Link Setting. If it’s on and you have the system connected to your TV, turning on the TV may turn on your PS5. Although the really annoying thing is when it turns off, and again it is because being connected to the TV, it usually turns off if the TV goes into energy saving mode.

With this explanation alone, it is very likely that you were able to solve it on your own, but obviously we are going to explain the steps so that it does not happen to you again, so that your PlayStation 5 does not turn on or off on its own again

PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Solution, Fix It

As annoying as the problem is, the solution is as simple as turning on your PS5 and doing the following

Settings > System > HDMI > Disable HDMI Link

Well that, you just have to enable the HDMI Link, which will automatically disable the One-Touch Play and Power Off Link and will make the switching on and off of your PS5 independent of that of your TV

PS5 Turns Off & On by Itself – Other Causes & Solutions

Other causes that can cause your PS5 to turn off or turn on by itself, and how to fix them


Updates run in rest mode, and sometimes after an update your PS5 restarts. In principle it should not be a problem, it is something that also happens on PC and Xbox. If you stop playing, the system goes into rest mode and if there is an update it just updates. Although if you find it annoying, you can also change the update settings from Settings

Remote Play

There is another option that you may be interested in deactivating: Power Saving > Enable Turning On PS5 From Network

This option allows you to turn on your PS5 from other devices, such as your phone. In principle it is a useful option, but if it gives you problems, deactivate it

Stay connected to the internet

This option allows you to stay connected to the internet under rest mode. This is also often a useful option and we recommend leaving it on. But if you enter rest mode very often and it gives you problems, disable it too

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