Pseudoregalia Best Mods (2024)

Pseudoregalia Best Mods

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Pseudoregalia Best Mods – Mercenary, Hachikuji Mayoi Over Sybil, Game Jam Design, Kingdom Hearts Like Hud and more

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Pseudoregalia Best Mods – Mercenary

Only a question of time would pass. This hack changes Mercenary’s appearance to resemble Sybil, the game Pseudoregalia’s agile goat lady protagonist. The melee weapon was made in blender, although the model used is the same as in the game.

Download Mercenary Mod > Here

Pseudoregalia Best Mods – Hachikuji Mayoi Over Sybil

The mod replaces the “big pants” outfit

To install the mod just place the file inside 

If you dont have the ~mods folder just create it.

There is no need for any patcher for installing model swap mods.

Download Hachikuji Mayoi Over Sybil Mod > Here

Pseudoregalia Best Mods – Game Jam Design

substitutes Sybil’s previous concept for the sun greaves from the game jam adaptation. initially available pseudoregalia mod! disrupts other models currently whoops

Download Game Jam Design Mod > Here

Kingdom Hearts Like Hud Mod

An interpretation of the famous HUD from Kingdom Hearts

Download Kingdom Hearts Like Hud > Here

About Pseudoregalia

Sybil is drawn to a warped castle from deep within the world of slumber. In this 3D Platformer Metroidvania with a retro aesthetic, as you get stronger and acquire new skills, you’ll be able to develop a complex movement system, battle foes, uncover mysteries, and liberate the beaten soul of Castle Sansa.

When reality feels like it’s falling apart, one might retreat to a world in their dreams to escape it. Unfotunately, dreams aren’t made to last. Explore a perverse image of noble living. Grow strong, and free those trapped within this rotten dream. A game originally made for the Metroidvania Month 19 game jam, this extended edition brings new areas, enemies, story, and a visual overhaul, all while retaining the original dreamlike atmosphere.

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