Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List Ranking – September 2023

Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List Ranking

Last Updated on 2 September, 2023

Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List Ranking. Explore the different classes in our incredible tier list for the in the captivating world of RO.

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Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List Ranking

This is the ultimate Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List, meticulously crafted to help you decide the best job class for your gaming experience. As a mobile RPG and companion to Ragnarok Online, the game offers a variety of job classes. However, players often struggle to determine which classes excel. Our tier list ranks all Global classes from S+ Tier to C Tier, ensuring you make the best decision for your gameplay.

Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List – Top Job Classes

Ragnarok Origin Global currently features six job classes to choose from. We’ve categorized the best and most powerful job classes in the S+ tier, while less powerful classes are ranked down to C Tier. Additionally, we’ve included their promotion classes and a brief description for your convenience.

Explore our Ragnarok Origin Global Class tier list, ranking job classes from best to worst:

S+ Tier: The Elite

  • Magician/Mage: Masters of elemental forces, Magicians unleash devastating power from afar, making them ideal for long-range combat.
    • Wizard
    • Sage
  • Acolyte: Team players who provide valuable buffs, healing, and resurrection to their allies.
    • High Priest
    • Monk

A Tier: Formidable Competitors

  • Swordsman: Mighty warriors with a focus on strength, utilizing their robust physiques for potent melee attacks.
    • Knight
    • Crusader
  • Merchant: Resourceful entrepreneurs who wield Mammonite, transforming wealth into deadly projectiles while excelling in business and trading.
    • Blacksmith
    • Alchemist

B Tier: Skilled Specialists

  • Archer: Agile and mobile sharpshooters who expertly target enemies from a distance.
    • Hunter
    • Dancer

C Tier: Cunning Opportunists

  • Thief: Stealthy experts in close-quarters combat, using precision strikes to dispatch their enemies.
    • Assassin
    • Rogue

About Ragnarok Origin Global Tier List

Explore and experiment with the Ragnarok Origin job classes that resonate with your unique playstyle. Ultimately, your enjoyment and success depend on your experience, playstyle, and gameplay preferences. The final decision is yours to make.

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We hope you find our Ragnarok Origin Global Class Tier List insightful and helpful. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to explore our other Tier Lists and Mobile-related Guides in our dedicated section at Mejoress. Or in the links at the beginning of this article.

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