Ranks in Splitgate – All Ranks

Ranks in Splitgate

Last Updated on 17 August, 2021

Ranks in Splitgate – Elo points required for each rank, how to unlock your rank, and also how to improve your rank

Ranks in Splitgate – All Ranks

These are all the ranks and the elo points required:

  • Unranked
  • Brass: From 0 to 999 Elo Points
  • Bronze I: From 1000 to 1249 Elo Points
  • Bronze II: From 1250 – 1499 Elo Points
  • Silver I: From 1500 – 1749 Elo Points
  • Silver II: From 1750 – 1999 Elo Points
  • Gold I: From 2000 – 2249 Elo Points
  • Gold II: From 2250 – 2499 Elo Points
  • Platinum I: From 2500 to 2749 Elo Points
  • Platinum II: From 2750 to 2999 Elo Points
  • Diamond I: From 3000 to 3249 Elo Points
  • Diamond II: From 3250 to 3499 Elo Points
  • Master I: From 3500 to 3749 Elo Points
  • Master II: From 3750 to 3999 Elo Points
  • Champion: From 4000 to 5000 Elo Points

Ranks in Splitgate – What are Ranks?

How to unlock ranks?

Reach level 10 to unlock the competitive playlist and complete x5 placement matches

How does the rank system work?

You will obtain a rank after completing your first five placement matches. From then on, you will obtain a rank score after each competitive game. And that rank score will be what helps you rise in rank, or what will cause you to lose rank

Winning games is important, but the most important thing is the individual score you receive at the end of each game. So don’t worry about losing, you can still get a good rank score and improve your rank.

For example, a rank score will be influenced by the rank of your rivals. That is, losing against opponents with a better rank than you will hardly penalize you. But if you lose against lower ranked opponents, you will get a low rank score, unless you played well and the rest of your team did not.

Rank Rewards

To unlock the rank rewards there is a requirement: 10 wins in competitive games at the Brass rank or above. Once done if you want the Bronze rank rewards you will need 10 wins at bronze rank or above, 10 wins at silver rank for the silver rank rewards, 10 wins at gold rank for the gold rank rewards, 10 wins at platinum rank for the platinum rank rewards, 10 wins at diamond rank for the diamond rank rewards, 10 wins at master rank for the master rank rewards, and finally 10 wins at champion rank for the champion rank rewards

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