Remnant 2: How To Apply Bleed?

Remnant 2: How To Apply Bleed

Last Updated on 26 February, 2024

Have you been browsing the internet to find a way how to apply bleed in Remnant 2? Well, you don’t need to look any further.

The Bleed Build can be very useful in crowded fights when you don’t have enough time to finish off every enemy. Once you see the bleed indicator on an enemy, you can move your crosshairs to the other enemies and save your time.

In this guide, I’ll review all the weapons and mutators you’ll need to efficiently apply the bleed. So let’s get started!

What Weapons Do You Need To Apply Bleed?

remnant 2 how to apply bleed


To apply the bleed build, you need to have the right set of weapons. You must have the appropriate primary gun, amulets, and melee weapons. Here’s a list of all the weapons for the Bleed build.

Primary Weapon

I suggest having the Merciless for your long gun and upgrading it to Level +7. Another important thing, you must have the Twisting Wounds Mutator (level +10) on your long gun.

Now, finding the Twisting Wounds mutator can be a tricky job, so let me make it easier for you. You can find it either in the Morrow Parish or the Lonesome World area in the Butcher’s Quarters or the Cotton Kiln region. You’ll know it’s the right place when you see a big hole in the ground. Inside the pit, you’ll come across a secret fight, and winning that fight will get you this mutator.


The best amulet for the Bleed Build is the Ravager’s Mark. This increases the damage dealt to bleeding targets by 20%. To get the Ravager’s Mark, you’ll have to go to the Forbidden Grove in the Yaesha area.


As your melee weapon, you can use the Feral Judgment upgraded to level +7. You’ll find this weapon in the same area as the Ravager’s Mark. Also, apply a mutator that increases the melee damage like Vengeful Stike.

In addition to the weapons, you can have rings that apply damage like the Constant Variable Ring, Shard Banded Ring, Tear of Kaeula, etc.

How Do You Know If The Bleed Is Applied Effectively?

Once you have all the right weapons, fast-travel to any place to test out the Bleed. When you fire at the enemies continuously, you’ll see a bleed indicator on the enemy meaning that the bleed is applied effectively. After that, the enemies will bleed out to death by themselves.

Final Thoughts

Were you able to apply the bleed? I hope my guide helped you out along the process. However, if you failed to apply the bleed, or having difficulty in finding the mutators, or need information about the farming areas for the upgrades. You can reach out in the comments below, and I would love to help you.

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