Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution

Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution

Last Updated on 10 August, 2023

Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution – Complete guide with all the steps and the solution of one of the most complicated puzzles in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution – Video Guide

Later we will explain step by step, but if you are stuck at any point in the puzzle, nothing better than this video from Gamers Heroes in which you will see how to solve it in less than a minute.

Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution – Steps

Arrow Traps

There is no trick to escaping this area of the dungeon. In order to avoid the incoming arrows, players must time their movements. When players reach the middle of each individual trap lane, the firing order of the traps changes. Zig-zag through the lanes, delaying the direction change once you’ve passed halfway to prevent being skewered.

All arrow traps can be disabled by interacting with the lever at the conclusion of the puzzle, allowing players to freely navigate through this area for the remainder of their campaign run.

Read the Book

Take a look at the symbol on the first page of the book that is next to the body at the bottom of the first level ramp. Take note of the symbols over each of the tables in the room and search for this symbol on the tapestry covering the dead Pan there. When entering a new Lament dungeon, be sure to inspect them as they vary at random for each instance.

To open the door, approach the circular device by the door and arrange the rings in accordance with the symbols that the bodies have indicated. The placement of the symbols doesn’t appear to matter in terms of order.

Main Chamber

A covert passageway leads to the main burial chamber, which players can access. Turning toward the broken pillar in the room’s corner and rolling through the vases will uncover a hole that leads one story below from the previously opened checkpoint. Turn right and descend to the tiny pool from here. To get a key to the storage room on the opposite side of the hall, squat down into the tunnel behind one of the waterfalls and proceed to the end.

Unlock the storage room after opening the shortcut to the upstairs. Take the contents of the chest, then jump through the wall gap. This will take players to a plain-looking passageway that is actually hidden with buzzsaw traps in typical Soulslike fashion. The easiest approach to proceed through this section is to swap lanes as soon as the left vertical buzzsaw begins to reverse and follow it as soon as it spawns. It’s safe to proceed straight to the main room after this. To obtain the Red Widow armor set, open it.

Floating Platforms

Ensure that you have Kolket’s Razor before entering this area of the dungeon. It is dropped by Wither, a miniboss that can appear at random once the player solves the door riddle and opens one of the coffins in the hallway. To transform Kolket’s Razor into Kolket’s Key, examine and play with it.

Players must locate invisible bridges that connect each of the platforms. Shoot the spaces in between the platforms, then when the shots stop, just cross. Only Kolket’s Key will unlock the closed door on the opposite side.

The Boat

Normally, the boat in the room that follows the platform part is off-limits. To get to this boat and obtain the Lodestone Crown, a special helmet that effectively functions as a head-mounted flashlight, players must phase through the illusionary wall depicted above.

According to the item description for the Lodestone Crown, it interacts with other lodestones. It is unknown whether or not this interacts in any way with Yaesha.

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