Revolutionizing Game Aesthetics with Street Fighter 6 Guide to Unlocking Additional Character Colors

Revolutionizing Game Aesthetics with Street Fighter 6 Guide to Unlocking Additional Character Colors

Last Updated on 14 June, 2023

Revolutionizing Game Aesthetics with Street Fighter 6 Guide to Unlocking Additional Character Colors. How to personalize your gaming experience in Street Fighter 6 by unlocking additional character colors. Our guide takes you through every step, from customizing your favorite fighter’s color scheme to strategic coin usage. 

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Revolutionizing Game Aesthetics with Street Fighter 6 Guide to Unlocking Additional Character Colors

Experience a new visual dimension in your gaming adventure with the customizability options in Street Fighter 6.

This guide will teach you how to unlock additional colors for your favorite fighters and bring a fresh new look to the battleground.

Street Fighter 6, the latest installment in the renowned fighting franchise, extends its user experience by offering opportunities to modify character costume colors. Aesthetic luxury comes with a price tag. Upon purchasing the base game, players are granted access to two color blends per character to maintain a degree of distinctiveness among the same fighters in any given match. Yet, for those desiring more customization, extra color palettes are within reach.

Customizing Your Fighter’s Color in Street Fighter 6

  1. Begin with launching Street Fighter 6.
  2. Proceed to the ‘Character Select’ screen.
  3. Choose your preferred character. Upon doing so, a specific tab will become visible.
  4. Access this visible tab to modify your character’s color scheme.
  5. You can also use this area to change your fighter’s costume. However, remember the following points:
    1. Most additional outfit options may not be available immediately.
    2. To unlock more costume options, you might need to either spend real money or invest significant time playing in the World Tour mode.

Unlocking the Spectrum: Accessing Extra Colors in Street Fighter 6

Both color variations and unique costumes can be unlocked via substantial game-play efforts in Street Fighter 6. However, instant color upgrades are available for players who opt for the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of the game. If you belong to this category, there’s no need for any further cash splurges.

If you haven’t purchased any special editions and are reluctant to invest in passes that grant extra color options for rarely used characters, Street Fighter 6 still has a solution for you. The in-game Shop, accessible via the main menu:

  • Allows you to buy new colors for either 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Coins.

In the Street Fighter 6 universe, Drive Coins are reward currencies earned by successfully completing daily and weekly challenges. The pace of these coins’ distribution is rather slow, requiring strategic allocation. Keep in mind that Drive Coins also serve to purchase cosmetics in the Battle Hub. Fighter Coins, on the other hand, can be bought with real money, and currently, there’s no option to earn them in the game.

While the alternate color options may not be as flashy as the Street Fighter 6 costumes, they still bring a vibrant twist to the game’s aesthetics. This is likely why Capcom allows players to accumulate them more readily, at least via the Drive Coins method. Thus, regular logins and task completions— not a massive demand considering Street Fighter 6’s high-caliber fighting gameplay—can lead to a more colorful gaming experience.

Unlock your character’s potential not just in strength, but also in style with these additional color unlocks. With every hue, you can redefine your gaming experience in Street Fighter 6, truly personalizing each match’s look and feel. And remember, whether it’s your fighter’s strength or style, every aspect is in your control.

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