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Revue Starlight Relive Tier List – Best Characters

revue starlight relive tier list

Last Updated on 6 November, 2023

Revue Starlight Relive Tier List – Looking for Revue Starlight Re Live rankings? Then you’ve come to the right place, below is our list of the latest Revue Starlight Relive meta tier list for 2022. Enjoy it!

About Our Revue Starlight Relive Tier List

Tier Characters
S Ootsuki Aruru – amateur captain, Hoshimi Juna, Tsuruhime Yachiyo – Goddess of earth, Tendou Maya – Sun Nation Lord
A Otonashi Chie, Phantom Daiba Nana, Cinderella Nonomiya Larafin, Hanayagi Kaoruko, Musketeer Porthos – Tsuyuzaki Mahiru,Heracles otori Michiru, Kochou Shizuha, Minamoto no Yoshitsune Yuyuko Tanaka, Musketeer Atos Kagura Hikari
B Yukishiro Akira, Santa Claus Tsuyuzaki Mahiru, Aladdin Saijo Claudine, Black Lion Nation Lord Hanayagi Kaoruko, Crow Tengu Otonashi Ichie, Don Salvatori Kako Hanayagi, Easter Bunny Kochou Shizuha, Easter Bunny Ootsuki Aruru, Ebisu Tsukasa, Happy Valentine’s Hoshimi Junna.
C Maid Melissa Tendou Maya, Musketeer D’artagnan Aijou Karen, An Angel’s Blessing Yumeoji Fumi, Belle Yumeoji Shiori, Covert Squad Deputy Tomoe Tamao, Isurugi Futaba

S-Tier –  We believe these are the best and strongest heroes in the game right now. You should try to invest in these heroes early in the game and use them right away.

A-Tier –  If you don’t have enough S-tier Revue Starlight Re Live characters, don’t worry, you can use some A-tier heroes and still get the job done with relative ease. These are still great heroes to invest in.

B-Tier –  These aren’t really great characters and should only be used if you can’t find a better one.

C-Tier – We don’t think these heroes are worth investing in.

Top Heroes

Of course, every game like this one has its own superheroes, and Revue Starlight Re Live is no exception.

The main difference is that in other gacha games most of the heroes are garbage and not worth using. Instead, there are plenty of great options here that you can even use on Tier A.

So don’t worry if you can’t get some S-tier heroes.

However, keep in mind that this meta-level list is more based on later stages of the game. Some of these characters may not shine until later in the game, but we still recommend investing in them if you get them from the start.

Other than that, as our rankings above show, the best heroes are definitely S Tier heroes such as:

  • Goddess of Earth Tsuruhime Yachiyo
  • Sun Nation Tendou Maya
  • Minamoto no Yoshitsune Tanaka Yuyuko
  • Captain Ootsuki Aruru

 What Is Revue Starlight Relive

Revue Starlight Re Live is a Mobile RPG developed by Ateam. The game is based on the hit anime series ” Revue Starlight”

This RPG features an original story, beautiful graphics, epic music, and a satisfying combat system.

However, the game has an auto mode, so for those of you looking for an auto RPG, this game is for you.

If you’re not a fan of automatic RPG games, it’s good to know that automatic mode is optional, but we still know this feature might turn off some users.

Revue Starlight Re Live also features a PvP system for those who prefer to fight against others. You can download games from the App Store or Google Play.

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