Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Unlock guide – Secret Character

Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Unlock

Last Updated on 14 November, 2023

Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Unlock guide – The fastest way to unlock this character in the game, with all the locations you need

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Risk of Rain Returns Robomando Unlock guide

You need two Runs, and in each of the runs, different things, we explain step by step

1st Run

  • Start a new game with any character (better with good movement skills), Artifact of Command and Drizzle difficulty
  • Reach Stage 5, Temple of the Elders
  • Get the Equipment Strange Battery: Find it on the far left or right side of the level, behind the wall, it is in a clay pot that you must break
  • Defeat the boss
  • Reach the Final Stage, the Contact Light
  • Get a keycard and go to the cabin
  • Drop off the edge and hug the wall to enter the Golem party easter egg
  • Go through the tunnel until you reach the Rift Chest and Place the Battery in the Rift Chest
  • Kill Providence or Die

2nd Run

  • Start a new game with any character (better with good movement skills), Artifact of Command and Rainstorm or Monsoon difficulty
  • Reach Stage 2
  • Find the Rift Chest (random location)
  • Purchase and equip the Strange Battery
  • Defeat the boss, reach Stage 3, defeat the boss again
  • Charge the teleporter, but wait until between 22:00 and 22:59 to press the teleport button
  • Find the red robot with a green arrow in a hidden room in stage 4, and let it kill you
  • You have unlocked the secret character, Robomando

Video Guide

We leave you this video guide from Storm_ in which you can see that unlocking Robomando is much easier than it seems

About Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain is back, and better than ever! With a careful design, an excellent remastering and new game modes. Immerse yourself in the iconic roguelike, packed with unique loot combos, all-new survivors, revamped multiplayer, and much more!

Perfect your skills and abilities, discover new survivors and immerse yourself in games that become more complicated as time goes by! Discover ancient secrets that lie dormant beneath the surface of Petrichor V. Search beneath every log, rock, and Gup to find new ways to play!

Many survivors fled the mysterious attack on your ship. Slice, dice and serve cold justice with the return of Robomando, stay ahead and protect your team as Agent, or lay down a path of toxic sludge with everyone’s favorite purple monster: Acrid! Forge new paths to explore with 15 unique survivors, each with new abilities to master.

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