Road 96 Code

Road 96 Code

Last Updated on 14 July, 2022

Road 96 Code – PC & Nintendo Switch – How to open the locked door of the Night Skies Campground, the keypad code and its location

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Road 96 Code – Location

In case you do not want the solution, but try to find or deduce the code on your own, we will give you a clue without spoilers

The locked door that requires a code is at The Night Skies Campground. Well, look at the code panel, turn around (180 degrees), and walk towards the blue neon light, to a house with the words “GO VOTE” painted on the wall. Go up the stairs and you will see a man next to a desk on the porch. On that same desk, next to the cash register, there is a yellow piece of paper, and on that paper is written the code

If you don’t care about spoilers and what you want is the code, keep reading

Video guide – Code Location

In case you can’t find the yellow paper with our instructions, check out this quick guide from Game Guides Chanel

Road 96 Code – Code (Spoilers)

The keycode is 4166

Enter the code, and then press the door handle. You will enter a room where there is money (in the drawers)

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