Roblox Doors Controls – PC, Xbox & Mobile (2023)

Roblox Doors Controls

Last Updated on 27 April, 2023

Roblox Doors Controls – PC Keyboard, Xbox & Mobile – Discover how to perform the main actions of the game from any device

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Roblox Doors Controls – PC Keyboard

These are all the PC Keyboard Controls:

  • Walk: WASD (Secondary: Up, left, right & down Arrows)
  • Jump: Space
  • Interact: E (Secondary: Mouse – Gold Only)
  • Crouch: C (Secondary: Left Ctrl or Left Shift)
  • Accept and Confirm: Left Mouse Click
  • Use Item: Left Mouse Click
  • Drop Item: Backspace
  • Unlock Door: Hold E
  • Switch Items: 1 to 5
  • Heartbeat Minigame: Q & E (Secondary: Mouse)

Other PC Keyboard Controls

These controls are common to almost all Roblox games and are not part of the core mechanics.

  • Camera:
    • Zoom in & out: Mouse wheel
    • Rotate: Right Mouse Button
    • Zoom in: I
    • Zoom Out: O
  • Menu:
    • Roblox Menu: Esc
    • Backpack: º
    • Playerlist: Tab
    • Chat: –
  • Misc:
    • Screenshot: Print Screen
    • Record Video: F12
    • Dev Console: F9
    • Mouselock: Shift
    • Graphics Level: F19
    • Fullscreen: F11
    • Perf Stats: Ctrl + Shift + F7

Roblox Doors Controls – Xbox Controller

These are all the Xbox Controller Controls:

  • Interact: X
  • Crouch: B
  • Accept and Confirm: A
  • Use Item: RT
  • Unlock Door: Hold X
  • Switch Items: LB and RB
  • Figure Lock Controls and Breaker Puzzle Controls: Keypad

Mobile Controls

These are all the Mobile Controls:

  • Crouch: Roblox Model Button
  • Hide: Hiding Icon
  • Switch Items: 1 to 5 Item buttons
  • Move: Pointer Button
  • Heart mini game: Tap on the left or right side of the screen

Playing from mobile is much more difficult than from a PC or with a controller, so finally we leave you a guide on how to beat the seek

If there is any action that you still do not know how to perform, leave us a comment, and we will try to find out for you the key, button, or combination that you need to perform it from any device

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