Roblox Dunking Simulator All Free items – How to get them

Roblox Dunking Simulator Codes How to get them

Last Updated on 3 December, 2022

Roblox Dunking Simulator All Free items – How to get them tons of free items in Roblox, alll of them are free, but some one cost some Robux and learn how to get all of them with this guide.

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Roblox Dunking Simulator All Free items – Item List

All of the freebies that have been available to claim in the Dunking Simulator are listed below. Continue reading after this list to find out more about how to get each item.

The song “Cosmophones” by Beats and Kerwin Frost

After finishing all four of Kerwin Frost’s objectives, The Beats and his “Cosmophones” become available: Perform three close-range dunks, improve your stat shop range, buy a new ball, and improve your dunk animation.

These four tasks should instantly unlock the Cosmophones for you. Visit our comprehensive guide for additional information.

Xbox Belt Bag and Xbox Shutter Shades

Both the Xbox Belt Bag and Xbox Shutter Shades can be obtained with little effort. Simply enter the Liberty Court area and complete a single dunk on the court, as was previously mentioned, to unlock them.

It doesn’t matter how far or powerfully you dunk; all that matters is that you succeed!

Jersey by the New York Liberty, Rebel Edition

The New York Liberty Rebel Edition Jersey is acquired after finishing each of Rebecca’s eight quests:

  1. Do three 100% accuracy dunks
  2. Destroy a limited-time hoop
  3. Perform three dunks from more than 60 feet away
  4. Collect 10 season orbs
  5. Buy a new season shoe
  6. Do an On Fire dunk
  7. Perform five dunks while wearing shoes from NY Liberty Court
  8. Perform a 2x Cash dunk in Liberty Court

You ought to immediately be able to purchase the Rebel Edition Jersey after finishing these eight quests.

Ja Morant 12 Chain, Ja Morant Beats Headphones, and Ja Morant Bear Cape

All three Ja Morant UGC items are available for acquisition in the Dark Court region.

Upon entering the court:

First item—the Ja Morant Beats Headphones—is instantly unlocked

The second—the Ja Morant 12 Chain—is available after interacting with the Ja Morant NPC

Third—the Ja Morant Bear Cape—is unlocked after completing five tasks.

  1. Earn 1,500 Beat Bucks
  2. Collect 15 Orbs
  3. Buy three shoes from Dark Mode Court
  4. Do three consecutive 100% dunks
  5. Get 3,000 seasonal XP

Roblox Dunking Simulator All Free items – Will there be more free gifts?

Although we are unsure of the precise timing of new additions to this experience, we can assure you that we will do our very best to update this article as soon as they are made available. Check back often to stay up to date.

About Roblox Dunking Simulator All Free items

Dunking Simulator is no stranger to forming alliances and garnering attention, from one-on-one projects with celebrities like Kerwin Frost and Ja Morant to events devoted to sizable brands and businesses like Xbox and the WMBA.

These collaborations often include a few free UGC accessories as well as one-time tasks, in-game goodies, and more as a perk for the experience’s fans and players. For a deeper look at each of the free goods in Dunking Simulator, continue reading below.

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