Roblox Free Items – November 2022

Roblox Free Items

Last Updated on 31 October, 2022

Roblox Free Items – There are tons of free items in Roblox, save some Robux and learn how to get all of them with this guide

Roblox Free Items – New

Vans Event

Head to Vans World in Roblox, go to the Vans Apparel shop and interact with the item in the middle of the room. There are new items after 24 hours.

  • 1st item: Black Realm Backpack

Monkey Safari Hat

Use the Amazon device to get the Roblox Monkey Safary Hat, if you don’t have an Amazon device, watch this video guide

Luobu Mystery Box Hunt

Play the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt in Roblox and get the Head Blooming Flower, Forest Elf Bundle, and Nova the Galaxy Scientist Bundle by collecting boxes. also get the Kid Nezha Bundle by touching the Kid Nezha statue

KSI Launch Party

Mech Wings – iOS exclusive

Mech Wings is an exclusive item for iOS, and you just have to follow this link and click on Get

Natsu Matsuri Backpack – iOS exclusive

Natsu Matsuri Backpacks is an exclusive item for iOS, and you just have to follow this link and click on Get

Nerf Hub Items – Dart Cap

Dart Cap is a Nerf item, find here the Nerf Hub, and use the Claw machine to get the Dart Cap

Nerf Hub Items – Dart Glasses

Dart Glasses is a Nerf item, find here the Nerf Hub, and play a round at the practice range to get the Dart Glasses

Celebratory Backpack

Celebratory Backpack is obtained by redeeming the promo code 100MILSEGUIDORES, to see other older promo codes check the updated list, where in addition to other free objects are those of Mansion of Wonder and those of Island of Move

Dustin’s Hat in Stranger Things

Just launch the Netflix Game, here is the link, and you will receive the Dustin’s Hat

Roblox Free Items – Bloxy Awards 2021

Here is the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Game, and these are the free items you can get:

  • Construction outfit: Head over the concession stand
  • Metaverse Explorer Backpack:  Complete the scavenger hunt
  • Imagination Core: Board the ship and wait until the end of the event
  • Award Winning Smile: Reach the Hall of Fame (2nd floor)
  • Jparty Plushie: Reach the Hall of Fame (2nd floor) and use the Claw Machine
  • Royal Blood Beanie: Visit this link and get it
  • Fat Hand Sign: Visit this link and get it
  • Happy New Year Ox: Visit this link and get it

Roblox Free Items – Wonder Woman

Play the game here and earn some in-game coins to buy tons of in-game and exclusive Wonder Woman Items

Roblox Free Items – Shield of the Sentinel

Play the game here and answer (correctly) the questions to get the Shield of the Sentinel

Roblox Free Items – Avatar Shop

There are tons of free items in the avatar shop, all you have to do is follow the click and click on “Get”, the green button




Face Accessories









We hope that you have been able to find the free object you were looking for, if you think one is missing, leave us a message in the comments and we will tell you how to get it

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