Roboquest Quarry Code – 3 Digit

Roboquest Quarry Code

Last Updated on 16 November, 2023

Roboquest Quarry Code – 3 Digit – The location of this code, the numbers or digits are random (they vary in each game), but the location is always the same

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Roboquest Quarry Code – 3 Digit – How to get

It’s a three-digit code that changes for each player, so we can’t give you the digits, but we can tell you how to get it. Since although the numbers vary, the location where to find them is always the same. So, find the code here:

Quarry Code Location: In the safe zone of Canyons, before entering the Quearry at the left of the door you’re using to access the Quarry, the door is printed on the wall

Video Guide

In case you don’t see it, we leave you this Purdinsky video guide. At minute 0:43 you will be able to see the exact location of the code

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Roboquest is a frenetic FPS with roguelite mechanics, which you can play alone or with a second player in cooperative mode. Shoot your enemies as you go through randomly generated scenarios, collect upgrades and defeat the powerful bosses that you will encounter along your way. Upgrade your camp and unlock permanent upgrades to customize your playstyle and help you go a little further each time you play.

Year 2700. Humans live scattered throughout the desert, fighting for their survival. Everything seems to be lost. Until a young scrap metal scavenger named Max comes across a Guardian, an ancient robot model, half buried in the sand. Knowing that, by reactivating it, the Guardian will respond to his orders, he gets to work to, thereby, give humanity a new opportunity to fight for its survival… Together, they will begin to explore the mysterious canyons that surround them, in search of answers and some way to survive.

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