Rogue Genesia All Weapon Evolutions

Rogue Genesia All Weapon Evolutions

Last Updated on 27 December, 2022

Rogue Genesia All Weapon Evolutions – Silph’s Blade evolution, Void Wisp evolution, Arcanist’s Staff evolution, Death Scythe evolution

Rogue Genesia All Weapon Evolutions

These are all the evolutions, and the requirements to unlock them

  • Silph’s Blade Evolution = Wind’s Blade Level 7 + Katana Level 7
  • Void Wisp Evolution = Magic Wisp Level 7 + Void Spirit Level 2
  • Arcanist’s Staff Evolution = Magic Wand Level 7 + Shaman Staff Level 7
  • Death Scythe Evolution = Cleaver Level 7 + Swotdrang Level 2

If you know more evolutions leave us a comment and we will add them to the list giving you credits

FAQ – How to get each evolution? – Steps

The most important thing is to know which weapons unlock evolution. We have shown them above, so once you are clear about what weapons you want to get, start by choosing the “ingredient” weapons that unlock the evolution you want

  1. Max out the “ingredient” weapons of the evolution you want in a single run (reach level 7)
  2. Head for an iron forger (usually right before a boss fight)
  3. Use your gold to limit break (and reach level 8)

So in summary, you need to level up the necessary weapons, and have some gold for the limit break.

Tip: It’s better to focus on the weapon you want to evolve, than try to evolve all of them at the same time.

If it reminds you of Vampire Survivors, so do we. The aesthetics and of course the evolutions are very similar. Well, somewhat easier in the case of Rogue Genesia, since in Vampire Survivors once the requirements were met you had to find more things, while in Rogue Genesia you only need gold and the Iron Forger

About Rogue Genesia

Walk upon a new world and slay foes endangering it. Rogue : Genesia is an action rogue-lite game, where you fight relentless hordes consisting of hundreds and thousands of monsters, carve your path through their ranks, defeat the boss and save one of the many worlds. In this action rogue-lite, you play as Rog. Master of all weapons, Rog can use anything to slay his numerous foes. Kill, grow stronger, and kill some more!


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