Rogue Lineage Map (2024)

Last Updated on 26 January, 2024

Rogue Lineage Map – All Areas, Khei Map – High resolution map of all areas. So you can locate yourself and trace your routes

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Rogue Lineage Map – Full Map

High resolution map of all areas. So you can locate yourself and trace your routes


You can eliminate players you strongly detest by packing the Domain of Light (also known as the “Tomeless Room”) and then launching them through the Tomeless Gate. If they don’t have a Resurrection move, Tomeless White Fires, which instantly execute anyone within 5 seconds, will wipe them off.

As most players avoid these areas, Stranger’s Grove, Isle of Eth, and Decaying Isle are excellent places to farm days and train climb. However, it’s not a good idea to completely go AFK because occasionally Blacksmiths may see you as they visit Decaying Isle in search of Mithril Ores.

The Lunar Keep is a good site for Freshies to escape Ultras since the intricate doors might fool the Ultras long enough for you to get away.

You can utilize the Crypt of Kings entrance to kill Gaia Dwellers pursuing you because it instantly kills anyone and everything as it closes.

When you’re at Sentinel, be on the lookout for spies and whisperers who might interrogate you and throw you through the Tomeless Door. Once you glitch into the Tundra, you can reach Castle Sanctuary (but not Sleeping Snail) using base climb.

Rogue Lineage Map – Khei Map

High resolution map of Khei. So you can locate yourself and trace your routes


Climbing the walls around the Forge is not advised if you intend to visit it since you risk dying from harpies. The tundra in Khei is very little. Backfire Ignis and roll if you manage to get lost. As a newbie, you can traverse tundra (no cold tolerance; Ignis is advised just in case).

You will first spawn at a random spot on the map when you first enter Khei. In order to prevent being assaulted by others, make sure to leave that area as soon as you can.

The other players in Khei pose the greatest threat. You’ll have a better chance of surviving if you join a server that is safe or that has less ubers.

The “Return to menu” button is located in the top right corner of your screen. If you’re being jumped but aren’t yet combat tagged, you should use it if your goal is to log to avoid dying because pressing X may keep you in the game for a brief period during which someone can combat tag you and force you to log.

About the Game

A roguelike game with fantasy elements is called Rogue Lineage. The permadeath concept of the game dictates that each of your characters has only a limited number of lives before passing away permanently. Your heir, who will become your next character, will inherit some aspects of you.

Players advance by picking up new skills and attempting to outperform their earlier characters. To take over cities, forge houses with your buddies, or fight it out alone. Take on illnesses, trauma, and injuries as you fight to survive in this tribute to suffering.

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