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Last Updated on 13 October, 2022

Rune Factory 4 Clorica Gifts – Best Gifts – Loved and Favorite, Liked, Neutral & Dislikes – Also her Birthday and Lunches

Clorica is great friends with all of the girls in town, who adore her for her idiosyncrasies as much as they worry about her because of them. She gets along well with Vishnal as a colleague, as her easy-going cheerfulness and his passionate optimism meld well together, and they are both supportive of each other’s goals

Clorica Gender = Female | Clorica Birthday = Spring 12 | Clorica Lunches = Apple Dishes, Pancakes, Pumpkin Flan

Rune Factory 4 Clorica Gifts – Best Gifts

Clorica’s favorite foods reflect the preferred foods of most insects as well, as she is fond of fruit, honey and flowers, all for consumption. Her fear of fish can be attributed to how many fish eat insects

To progress faster, if possible, focus first on loved ones, then liked ones

  • Loved & Favorite Gifts:
    • Apple Pie
    • Platinum
    • Orichalcum
    • Diamond
    • Round Stone
    • Shade Stone
    • White Stone
    • Glitter Stone
    • Red Core
    • Yellow Core
    • Blue Core
    • Green Core
  • Liked Gifts:
    • Apple
    • Apple dishes (e.g. Baked Apple)
    • Silver, Gold
    • Jewelry
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Cakes and Cookies
  • Neutral Gifts
    • Items not listed
  • Dislikes:
    • Grapes and Grape dishes


Like Vishnal, Clorica spends most of her time cleaning the castle, and she is one of the two who collect shipments from the shipping bin at 8AM. During festivals, she and other bachelorettes will gather before the festival’s event begins and will usually disperse by the time the bachelors will gather together.

Prior to the player’s marriage, unless to her or having spent Prince/Princess Points for someone else, she and Vishnal may also occasionally wake the player up

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