Safe Code in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

Safe Code in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

Last Updated on 13 March, 2023

Safe Code in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo – The solution (the safe code), the safe location and some tips if you want to solve it on your own

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Open the Safe with the code and get a dot sight for your handgun

Where is the Safe?

Head up the stairs to the first floor of Moon’s Donuts (Main street – about halfway through the demo). Once there turn left and keep going until you find the safe, by the next building

Safe Code in Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo

The Safe Code is 9 left, 1 right, 8 left

How To Find the Code?

1st – Find the Drugstore Owner’s Manual (Left of the Safe) > Clue = Aqua Cure Queen

2nd – Find the Aqua Cure Poster and also the code in the Redstone Pharmacy

Police Station Shower Room Locker Combination

  • Combination: CAP
  • Reward: Flash Grenade

On the second floor of the Police Station, you’ll find the shower room locker with the combination CAP. But how do you get the clue for this code? Look for a whiteboard in the Operator Room on the first floor, which contains the solution.

Police Station Third Floor Locker

  • Combination: DCM
  • Reward: Assault Rifle Ammo

For this locker, head to the third floor of the Police Station and search for the hallway. The combination, DCM, can be found by examining the whiteboard to the right of the entrance to the Safety Deposit Room on the first floor.

Police Station West Office Safe Code

  • Code: Left 9, Right 15, Left 7
  • Reward: Hip Pouch

The safe with the code Left 9, Right 15, Left 7 is located on the first floor in the West Office of the Police Station. You can find the code by visiting the Safe Room next to the stairs on the ground floor.

Hospital Safe Code

  • Code: Right 9, Left 3
  • Reward: Assault Rifle Dual Magazine Attachment

Where can you download the RE3 Demo ( Free)?

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