Samsara Room Walkthrough & Guide

Samsara Room Walkthrough

Last Updated on 10 August, 2020

Samsara Room Walkthrough & Guide – A step by setp guide to complete all the chapters of the mobile game Samsara Room, by Rusty Lake

Samsara Room Walkthrough – Video Guide

Complete Samsara Room Walkthrough & Guide. A 23 min video guide from the youtuber Rusty Lake, where you can see how to solve all the puzzles you will face.

Samsara Room Walkthrough – Step by Step

  • Candle: Get it from the planter (top of the dreser)
  • Look at the mirror, slide it around and note the symbol
  • Candle: turn left and solve the dresser’s puzzle
  • Inside the dresser: Take the knife, the canle and also the fish
  • Go back to the mirror and tap on the table to find a letter, examine it, open the envelope with the knife and drag out the paper to find a clue ( ENLIGHTEN ME)
  • Take the matches: Lift the phone (receiver) and spell out the clue (ENLIGHTENME)
  • Go right, open the window, then tear down all the wallpaper
  • Place (3) and light up the candles (4) with the matches, then place the fish on the plate, tap the hole and also tap on the white cube

Second Room

  • Notice the fish head (mirror), take the shell (above the mirror) and slide the mirror around and note the symbol
  • Take the phone (receiver), tap the bubbles starting from the left
  • Key: Tap the paper boat until it opens up
  • Jar: Unlock the glass cupboard with the key and take the jar
  • Fish: Turn right and take it
  • Shell: GO right, zoom the bottle, tap the X until you can take the shell
  • Heart: Examine the clock and pull out the loose nail, tap on everthing until you see a hand, give it the knife
  • Shell: Turn right and take it from the floating box
  • Shell:Tap on the weird grey blob, then on all the bumps not on dark spots
  • Place the 4 shells where the candles were, and the heart on the plate, then go through the hole

Back in the first room

  • Gecko: go right and Catch it with the Jar
  • Place the gecko on the plate (portal), go through
  • See the mirror? you are a lizard, slide it around and note the simbol, then take the marble (planter)
  • Marble (another): Go right and light the candles (with matches) from shortest to longest
  • 3rd Marble: Go right, pull the left painting (right), let it go and pull the paper down to take the 3rd marble
  • Clock: change the time to 3.55, like the middle painting (bottom), then take the triangle key
  • Turn right and take the marble (bookself)
  • Red books: The red books should fit in the outline like you can see in the video guide, min 5:18
  • Go to the wormhole, place the marbles (4) in the corners and use the fish. Notice the book (Samsara) and the clock time (2:15)
  • Clock: Set the time to 2:15 and get the triangle key
  • Fill the jar with water (use it in the room) and place the heart on the plate
  • Go to the wormhole and see the book (The Seed of Sacrifice) on the floor, turn the page (clue: Remember the time and 3 symbols), turn the page again (clock clue: 8:25 and clue: The past is never dead), and if you turn the page again (clue: mirrors never lie)
  • Clock: Set the time to 8:25 and get the 3rd triangle key


  • Clock lock: place the 3 triangle keys to reveal a corpse, tap his hand and take the seed
  • Place the seed in the planter and pour the water (jar)
  • Become a lizard again, zoom the plant, pull of the petals and take the worm
  • Go to the portal, use the worm, slide the mirror and note the symbol
  • Face the mirror, wait for the petal, tap it until you can follow it and take it
  • Inside the clock: Take the knife, move the pieces and get another petal
  • Open the book with the knife and take another petal
  • Tap the phone untill it falls, remove the screws (receiver) with the knife and open it.
  • Complete the circuit puzzle and tap the glowing dots to take another petal
  • Crawl > corpse > mouth
  • Tap on the trees to see a light, grab the lights (4)
  • Match the hands with the symbols from the mirrors, like in the video guide, min 11:22, then take the egg
  • Place the egg on the portal plate with the 4 petals around and go through the portal as a crow


  • Tap on the clouds and move them until you make a worm, gecko, fish and egg
  • Move the other cloud and get a clock set to 7:25
  • Take the egg (portal) and place it in the nest with the rest, crack them all then tap on the chicks:
    • 3 gray chicks with its mouth open
    • Red belly chick
    • Red belly with its mouth open
    • Gray belly
    • Finger
    • white bird with its mouth open
    • Whitebird mouth closed
    • white with its neck bent down
    • Get the Feather
  • Sunflower: Set clock to 7:25 and take it from the nest
  • Paper Plane (right): tap on it, get the feather (inside) and the clue (rise up)
  • Drawers: Take the weight and the pieces of paper with clues
  • Pick up the receiver (phone), spell RISEUP and tap the balloon
  • Clock: tap the balloon, light fire and cut the sack off (knife)
  • Zoom off, open the sach, get the sand and scales
  • Place the sand in the planter, add the sunflower, move the sun up and get the sunflower seed
  • Mirror: hang the 2 scales on the hooks
  • Weigh everything against the weigh and you will get some values, if you use the clue from the drawer, Worm Heart : Gecko Fish = 04:15, so set the clock to 04:15


  • Tap on the Owl, zoom on the moon, cut the slit with the knife, move the eye to the 4 corners and see 4 constellations (4 clues for the next step)
  • Open the box by the clock using the constellations clue
  • Fix the gears of the watch inside to get the time 7:45
  • Drawer > Owl Notes, note the directions and make the owl turn his head in the same directions, then get the feather
  • Clock: Set it to 7:45
  • Tap on heron and feed itthe worm, gecko, heart and fish, tap on it and get the baby
  • Clock: Set it to 2:00
  • Feather: Give the sunflower seed to the squirrel
  • Portal: Place the baby and the 4 feathers and go through

Samsara Room Walkthrough – Secret Level

Complete Samsara Room Secret Level Walkthrough & Guide. A 7 min video guide from the youtuber The Duck, where you can see how to solve all the puzzles you will face.

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