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Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki

Last Updated on 26 December, 2021

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Language, Map, Recruit Units, Make Money, Heal Units, Repair Gear, and everything you need

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Change language

Main Menu > Settings > English is the third Button

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Recruit Units

These are all the methods to recruit units in Sands of Salzaar:

1- Outposts – Village Elders

Every region has outposts where you can recruit lower tier units like farmers by talking to the Village Elder. They cost 150 Utars to recruit and you will have to wait x1 week to recruit from that outpost again. If you want to recruit higher tier units from that outpost increase your prestige with that specific outpost

2- Mercenary Captains – Keep

The keep is the main outpost, and you can also recruit units there after talking with the mercenary captain. Prices vary but are generally higher because units are better

3- Random Events

You have chances to get units when you explore or when you fight in battles. Also when interacting with certain tents and buildings

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Heal Units

These are all the methods to recruit units in Sands of Salzaar:

1- White Rose Potions

Depending on the size of the White Rose Potion, it will heal a different amount

  1. Click the Party button near the bottom of the screen or tap the hotkey, “P” by default
  2. Click the injured squad
  3. Finally click the Restore button at the bottom of the screen

If you need more white rose potions, or how to get white rose potions

Talent tree > Green section > x3 talents named Potion Brewing (each of them = x1 weekly White Rose Potion, so up to x3)

Of course you can find white rose potions while exploring, but they are rare and random

2- Promoting a Squad

Party/Squad page > Clicking a squad and then pressing the Promote button will show their full promotion tree

3- Healing during battles

Units will heal over time as the battle goes on, but you can also

  • Use healing items like healing water
  • Use both of the healing talents to speed up the process

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Make Money

1- Chief Quests

There is a chief in every city & village, talk to them to start their quests. But if you are farming money, these are the best quest:

  1. Delivering a Nobleman Ransom > High Potential
  2. Fighting a Bandit Leader Group > Moderate Potential
  3. Gathering up Runaway Villagers > Low Potential
  4. Transporting Mission > Low Potential
  5. Buying Resources For a Chief > Tiny potential

2 – Trading Goods Between Cities

Sands of Salzaar will randomly tell you when certain items aren’t selling well in different areas. Use that clue to make fortunes by trading

3- Killing Bandits for money

Although it has less money potential than the best chief and trading quests, you also get experience, so it is an interesting method. In case it helps, these are the loots depending on the bandits

  • Bandits (2 Squads) = 58 Utar
  • Desert Brotherhood (5 Squads) = 48 Utar
  • Desert Brotherhood (5 Squads) = 300 Utar
  • Caravan = 130 Utar
  • Alpine Guerilla (6 Squads) = 97 Utar

4- Character Errands

Unique characters in Sands of Salzaar’s world will have an option to ask them, “What can I do for you? Their tasks give from 200 to 600 Utar

5- Conquering cities – tax income

Do it once you have advanced a bit, because you will antagonize the factions, and when you do, take advantage of the caravan trade routes (they require a trading post) to increase income

6- Mint Talents

For x200 Utar weekly, get both mint talents from the talent tree

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Repair Gear

All three types of tools are regularly stocked at the Redstone Keep in Redstone, Mireton in Umbra Cliffs, and Frost Valley in Zagros Mountain, talk to the merchants

1- Basic Forge Tools

Basic Forge Tools let you repair (+ durability = 50) gear (item levels 1 to 7), cost = 50 Utar

2- Advanced Forge Tools

Advanced Forge Tools let you repair (++ durability) gear (Up to level 12), cost = 1000 Utar

3- Ultimate Forge Tools

Advanced Forge Tools let you repair (+++ durability) gear , cost = 200 Utar

Dakn Tournament Riddle Answers

  • Chicken Riddle Answer > 10 Chickens, 6 Rabbits.
  • Silk Riddle Answer > 21 people
  • Statue Riddle Answer > 10 people

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – World Map

Click on the map to enlarge:

Sands of Salzaar - World Map

credits to slythergames

Sands of Salzaar Guide & Wiki – Tips & Tricks

  • Be your own hero: Choose your class based on your play style, you don’t have to play with the Necromancer, there are more melee-oriented classes
  • Don’t die: turn permanent death and grievous injuries off
  • Be nice, make friends: Alliances and getting along with NPCs is more productive than declaring war on everyone
  • Except Bandits: Defeat them multiple times to leave you alone
  • Do the character quests first: a solid way of levelling up and recruiting new heroes to deal with challenges the plot throws at you
  • Temporary is cheaper than forever: Until you have plenty of spare cash, just buy the temporary trading permits at each trading post you visit
  • Listen the game: tells you what level you should be at before exploring a monster den, dungeon, or any other trial area
  • Travel but without the effort: Open the map > click on the settlement > Move there

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